Repair Cafe on September 10th 2022

After a long hiatus over the last couple of years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re looking to bring Repair Cafe events back. We’ve got one planned to take place in Fearon Hall in Loughborough on Saturday 10th September 2022, running from 9.30am until midday.

If you’ve not been to one before, the idea behind a Repair Cafe is that people bring items that are broken and they are planning on throwing away, and our volunteer repairers will try to repair them instead. If they can make a repair the person bringing the item saves money and resources on buying a new one, and the repairer can explain the skills, techniques and tools they used in making the repair. If a repair isn’t possible it’s no great loss as the item was about to be thrown away anyway but it can show how we should buy products that are capable of repair.

Sometimes repairs are possible but would take more time, parts, equipment or skills than we have at the Repair Cafe, but we can then direct people to local commercial repairers who may well be able to make a fix. This can help support the local commercial repair “ecosystem” too.

The repairs made at the Repair Cafe are free and as such don’t come with any warranty or guarantee. However if you get something repaired and would like to make a donation to help cover the costs of running the event would we appreciate that.

There will be some light refreshments available in the hall, so you can get a drink if you have to wait for a repairer to become available. At this event we’ll also have a “toy hospital” fixing broken toys and upcycling waste material to make new soft toys, so there’s something for the kids too!

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