Transition Equipment

Transition Loughborough has, over the years, acquired a number of pieces of equipment that we can use for events and some of which members can share or hire to help them try out new skills, preserve their local harvests and spread the message of energy reduction and local production to friends and neighbours.  This page lists some of these, along with the last known person to have possession of each item.  If you’ve borrowed an item and have passed it on to someone else, please let Jon Knight know so that this page can be kept up to date. You can also contact Jon if you would like to be put in touch with one of the current hosts for a piece of equipment that you’d like to use.

Food & Gardens Group

  • Main TL car jack apple press – Jon Knight
  • Spare car jack for apple press – Jon Knight
  • TL apple scratter & drill – Jon Knight
  • Pasteuriser – Jon Knight
  • Breadmaker – Ken Pobereźny
  • Dehyrdator – Philip Leicester
  • Seed swap box – Jon Knight

Energy Group

  • Energy monitors – Caroline Harmon & Jon Knight
  • Info sheet boxes – Jon Knight

General Equipment

  • Power drills and accessories
  • Popup up gazebo – Steve King
  • 2 fold A3 display board – Jon Knight
  • Transition Loughborough vinyl signs – Jon Knight & Steve King

Books/Printed Material


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