Hearts & Minds Sub-group

Making the transition from a society based on heavy use of fossil fuels to one that is more sustainable is going to be difficult at times and will affect different groups of people in different ways.  We want Transition Loughborough to be inclusive of all the cultural groups in Loughborough, so we need to be aware of all of their particular situations and needs.  At the same time we will need to help the towns people to cope with some of the stress of rising fuel costs, economic change and potential some social upheaval.

The Hearts & Minds group aims to help tackle these issues.  Whether its liaising with minor groups, engaging different faith communities or getting young people more involved, the Hearts & Minds group are there to help.

We also need to step back and look at ourselves as well as others. This introspection can help Transition members find new ways they can reduce their own ecological impacts and fossil fuel use, provide group support for moving forward in with the Transition mind set and help build communities around the Transition ethos. Group work schemes such as Transition Leicester’s Footpaths have been used in the town successfully in the past and we’re likely to run similar groups in the future. Please get in touch if you’re interested!

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