There are lots of things to tackle when transitioning a town from oil dependency to more sustainable low carbon systems.  One way we deal with the wide variety of issues, debates and solutions  is to split up into sub-groups.  The sub-groups are currently:

  • Energy – looking at how to improve energy efficiency in the town’s buildings and encouraging the take up of renewable energy schemes,
  • Food & Gardening – helping local people to grow their own fruit and vegetables, learn how to cook decent, good value food at home and reduce their reliance on the fossil fuel supported “ready meals” culture.
  • Hearts & Minds – looking at how we can ensure engagement with the many and varied communities that make up Loughborough, and also looking at the social and personal affects of Peak Oil, climate change and the Transition process.
  • Transport – supporting the use of low carbon transport options, including walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.
  • Reskilling – providing local residents with some of the resiliency skills that they may need in the future, including some that are being forgotten from the past!

Anyone can join in with any (or all!) of the groups.  So if something takes your fancy or you want to get involved more deeply in a particular aspect of Transition, get in touch with the sub-group members via their open meetings listed in the calendar on the right or by posting a message on the Transition Loughborough Google Group.

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