Food and Gardens Sub-group

We need to make better use of the land we have locally to grow our food, rather than relying on imports from around the world.  This sub-group is tackling this issue by helping people start growing their own fruit and vegetables, making better use of the food that we already have in the town and encouraging people to learn how to cook rather than relying on pre-prepared meals and fast food snacks.  Hopefully this will lead to a more resilient and healthier population in the town!

The major project undertaken by this group is the Transition Loughborough Community Allotment – a set of three allotment plots on the site off King George Road where people can come together to share the gardens, produce and skills.

The group have produced a directory of Food and Garden schemes around the town, and are also involved with the Students Union’s Landscaping and Gardening Society and help with several community gardening projects around the town..

We have a large apple press that can be booked for community events.  This was funded by generous grants from Charnwood Borough Council and the Co-op in 2012 and in the first year of use we attended around a dozen events with the press. Its a great way of engaging folk with the food going to waste around them (most of the apples come from trees that would otherwise just be left to fall to the ground and rot).  Here’s a quick video of it in action at Old Dalby scouts event in November 2013:

We’ve also got an online map of edible fruit, nuts and veggies that can be foraged  for free around the town. This is hoped to be extended to show “Fruit Routes” around the town, building on similar work that the University have done on their campus.

4 Responses to Food and Gardens Sub-group

  1. Sam Minnitt says:

    Hello, I was just wondering whether there would be a live demonstration of the washing, crushing and apple pressing process (potentially with apple juice to try) at picnic in the park – this would be a great opportunity for the people of Charnwood to see the press and the Transition Food and Gardening group in action 😀

    • I think Paul was suggesting that the apple press was brought along, but there wouldn’t be any crushing done because the apple season hasn’t started yet and there’s no power available to run the scratter (or pasteurizer if that is used). The Picnic in the Park organisers also required anyone providing food or drink (such as apple juice) to have food hygiene registration, which is why we couldn’t do any slow food give aways.

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