Transition Loughborough is a community driven movement aimed at reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and promoting local infrastructure in Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK.  Loughborough is a small market town in the English Midlands, but has a large University on its western side.

Transition Towns are springing up all over the world  as a response to the prospect of reducing oil production, increasing energy prices, the demands for more sustainable and eco-friendly production systems, and consumer driven waste reduction.   Whilst the Transition movement shares common basic goals, the actual priorities, goals and means to achieve them are driven purely be the desires of the local population.  Rob Hopkins, one of the founders of the Transition Towns movement, explains more about the reasoning behind Transition in this TED Talk video.

We have an agreed constitution that provides our guiding principles that inform the projects and events we run and/or get involved with.  These were agreed by the membership in April 2015 based on the earlier informal guiding principles that were drawn up when the group formed originally.

So if you live in Loughborough and want a say in how the town can respond to the challenges facing all of us, please get involved!

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  1. Chris Crean says:

    Hello there

    My name is Chris Crean and in a regional campaigner with Friends of the Earth and would be interested in having a chat with you about the FIT review and whether you wil be discussing this at your meeting next Tuesday?? My details are 0121 643 9117 or 07720 147330.

    I see from your site that you are actively involved in Solar PV and working with New World Solar who i know well….I was wondering if you will be approaching Nicky Morgan MP on the review and seeking her views???

    She has recently said

    “I understand the necessity of ensuring a sustainable scheme, but will the Minister assure me that the voices of small companies such as C. Gascoigne, a family-based electrical installation company in my constituency, will be heard as part of the consultation and that it will not be left just to the big companies to set the policy?”

    so we were wondering if there were folks in the wider constituency who would be able to lobby her on the terms of the review etc??

    looking forward to having a chat or am hapy to pass more info over electronically here is a web link to a recent presss release on this issue …



  2. John Owens says:

    Hi. I am the Network Manager for the LeicesterShire and Rutland Reuse Network. wwww.lrrn.org .(a CIC formed by 3 charities and looking for more)
    I wanted to make contact just in case we can ever help each other out. I am also interested in what you said about schools. Once upon a time I mentally invented a low-carbon way of providing air con for comfort in UK schools (as opposed to air con to chill your rocks off).
    However with my LRRN hat on I am interested in promoting the Reuse message to schools and through school members to the wider community. Our new website (coming soon) will have a page or two for younger people to revisit. So if there is ever anything we can share…

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