What young people can do to tackle climate change

We’re often asked what changes people can make in their own lives to help tackle climate change. Often talk is of installing renewables, using electric vehicles or insulating houses.  But what about people who have little control over these expensive options… what can they do? This includes young people, students and people on restricted budgets.

To address this issue, Matthew Drury from Greening Sutton Bonington has produced a useful PowerPoint presentation, guide and leaflet that shows simple changes that can be made around the home by anyone, whether or not they pay the bills! Matthew produced this material as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award and has kindly allowed us to use and distribute it.

The PowerPoint presentation and guide can be used together in a group situation to provide a structured introduction to the topic of climate change, present some initial ideas for saving energy and resources, and then promote open, group discussions. Matthew has successfully used the presentation with youth groups in Sutton Bonington, so it has been field tested.

The leaflet gives a take away list of things people can do as a memory aid, and also suggests that they pick three things from the list to try tackling first. The leaflet is intended to be printed double sided on an A4 sheet and then cut to give two A5 double sided leaflets per sheet. It can be used be itself as a handout at events, or alongside the presentation to a group to help reinforce the messages.

We will be using this material in Transition Loughborough events and projects, and we hope that other groups such as scouts, guides and youth projects in the area will also find it helpful.  Please let us know if you do use it so that we can tell Matthew that his hard work is helping to make a difference!