Transition Loughborough Summer 2022 Meeting Minutes

Location: Swan In The Rushes, Loughborough – all in person

Date: 21st July 2022

Time: 7pm

Present: Jason, Gemma, Janet, Martha, Pat, Jenny, Jerry

Apologies: Ken, Sarah, Emily, Sue, Julian

From the previous minutes:

Potato Day

Was a great success.  Seed swap took place inside Fearon Hall and Potato Collection was outside.   Orders were slightly lower than previous year.  Everyone who pre-ordered got their potatoes in a cloth bag.  Sold some on the day at Fearon Hall (not the charity market stall as previously).  Financially on a par with previous years.  This year collected from Chesterfield and made up orders in Fearon Hall on the Friday night.

Planter outside Fearon Hall

Planted up my Martha.  Needs a sign.  Action: Gemma to ask her neighbour about Pyrography. Janet to send Gemma picture of current sign. 

Carbon Literacy Face to Face course and Celebration event

This was very successful and those who expressed an interest in Transition have been emailed.


The allotment has been split so Transition is now responsible for 3 or the original 4 plots. More help is needed.  People are there on a Wednesday evening. 

Agenda Items

Treasure’s Report

There is currently £2770.05 in the main account.  Some may have to transfer back to the LCC as it was for the Carbon Literacy courses but hopefully we can use for some energy related projects/campaigning. 

Insurance has been purchased for repair cafes and public liability insurance.  This allows for 6 cafes per year.


It was agreed an overhaul of the way Transition communicates was needed.  Ideas could be moving to a Whats App group instead of the google groups email.  Pat said that she used to receive an email once a month but hadn’t had any for a long time.  This was an easier way to get information.  General design of website/posters etc would be useful.  Action: Jason to speak to Jon about mailing lists and the website.  Gemma and Jason to discuss a new website with URL and email address.   Martha to ask design students at Uni.  Gemma to contact DMU students.


Jerry is donating a shed for the allotment.  Janet is donating slabs to put it on. 

Manual Water Pump

The meeting agreed to purchase a manual pump for the allotment at approximately £100.  Action: Jason to double check the rights to extract water from the stream.  Ken to be included in discussion on which pump to buy. 

Apple Pressing

Steve has the press and will be attending Sutton Bonnington Show on 4 September.  Fruit will be ready around mid October.  Gemma to ask Woodhouse Eaves group if they want to hire the press this year.  The first Saturday in October could host an event at Fearon Hall.  It could be offered for hire on the website but someone (usually Steve) normally goes with the press to work it.  Action: Janet to speak to Steve to discover what he wants to do.

Repair Café

Café booked in for 10 September at Fearon Hall 9.30 – 12.30, last item taken at 12.  Minimum number of repairers but more may come through as advertising takes place.  Janet has previous posters that will work again.  Also have right to repair posters.  Fearon Hall will do coffee and cakes.  At the café general Transition leaflets can be given out.  Action:  Gemma to contact B-Buddies to join. Janet to sort out publicity poster with Jon

Department of Transport

The department have emailed to ask if a member will speak to them for 1 hour regarding data.  Jason will respond.

Next Meeting:  At the Boat Inn.

Just to add to this report an apology for it’s lateness appearing. Holiday season and an email in a spam folder to blame. Many thanks to Gemma for taking notes on the evening.


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