January Saturday Allotment Session this weekend (15th)

And just like that it’s 2022! We hope everyone has had a restful festive period and January is treating you well. Tempting though it is to stay snuggled up at home, even in the depths of winter there are still tasks to do around the allotment. This in mind, we are announcing our third Saturday session there this Saturday (15th) from around 1:30pm until 4pm or so. The raspberries need cutting back, the buddleia needs a prune and hopefully a brave soul or two will cut back the apple tree, among other things.

Jason will endeavour to bring hot water, tea bags, sugar and milk. Bring your own speciality tea bags if you want anything different to brown tea. Martha will bring bread and jam. If you’ve never been down before you are most welcome (as are our regulars!) – our allotment plots are situated on the allotment site just off King George Road – map link below. Obviously this is weather dependent but the weather looks likely dry at the time of writing . Any more than the odd light shower on the day will probably mean we will change the date as the clay soil around the plot is difficult to work in really wet weather.

Here’s a map showing where to find the Transition Loughborough Community Allotment.

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1 Response to January Saturday Allotment Session this weekend (15th)

  1. Martha says:

    The weather will probably be ok. We will just do a bit of pruning and tidying up.

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