The Community Allotment – Spring has Sprung! An invitation to join us every Wednesday …

As the days pull out and the temperatures increase, we are once again back to our regular meets on a Wednesday. We are normally there from 4pm or so until darkness comes along and people come and go as their schedule allows. Anybody is welcome, from novice to expert, and we are pleased to report we have a no-dig (as much as possible), organic stance with our gardening. Growing season has started and it would be great to see you there. If you want any more details feel free to send us a message via our contact form and hopefully someone will be in contact with you. One or two previous messages may have been missed so resending a message now may be a good idea – apologies if that was you. A handful of small, personal plots should be available this year but we mostly use the space for communal growing. We’re a pretty friendly bunch and there’s room for a few more – we’d love to meet you.

Here’s a map showing where to find the Transition Loughborough Community Allotment.

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2 Responses to The Community Allotment – Spring has Sprung! An invitation to join us every Wednesday …

  1. jaytransition says:

    Alternatively to sending us a message you can post any query here too.
    The TL team.

  2. suellap says:

    Grand to hear of the no-dig stance, with flexibility.
    More power to your bow!

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