Thank you for recent events – and film heads up

A quick note to say thank you to all the people who have supported and attended our two recent weekend events.  They were both great successes!

The Potato Day last week went very well and we were in profit by 9am. Our income was boosted by refreshment sales in the Baptist Church hall on the Saturday morning, so many thanks to the team there as well as on the market stall. The profits from Potato Day go towards paying for Transition Loughborough’s annual expenses – things like the event insurance and rent for the community allotment. By doing this we aren’t relying on grant incomes for basic operational costs, which can some times be difficult to get or limited in what they can cover.  It allows us to give free or low cost entry to other events throughout the year. Of course we’re also helping local gardeners get reasonably priced seed potatoes, onions, garlic, seeds and supplies . We hope you all enjoy the resulting crops later in the year, and we look forward to seeing your photos.

This weekend saw our bumper repair, energy advice, upcycling and seed swap event take place in Fearon Hall.  It was very well attended and we saw lots of smiling faces! Many thanks to all who volunteered their time to help – and we’ve had several people contact us wanting to volunteer for future events which is great. And thank you to the folks at Fearon Hall for hosting us once again. We were teamed up with the folk from Leicester Fixers who run their own regular electrical repair events in Leicester, and we talked with people from other towns who came along to see what we do that they can replicate in their localities.

Blue - a documentary film on ocean pollutions, habitat loss and species extinction.

Blue movie poster

And now for a quick heads up for an environmental event that Transition Loughborough isn’t organising, but which you might be interested in.  On Wednesday 20th March, 2019 at 6:30PM a group are aiming to show the environmental documentary film Blue at the Odeon in the Cattle Market in Loughborough. Blue looks at how the oceans are broken, and what we can do to fix them. The last forty years have seen a massive loss in marine life, and we’re on course to having more plastic than fish in the seas with the next thirty years. Pollution, loss of habitat and species extinction are all problems that the film looks at. The organising group (which includes some Transition Loughborough members) need 40 people to reserve tickets in order to make it viable – you can reserve yours online here.

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