Repairing, restarting, upcycling, seed swapping and energy advice event

On Saturday 2nd Feb 2019 in Fearon Hall from 10am to 1pm we will be running a bumper event that covers a number of Transition related topics.  A little something for everyone… so read on to find out what may interest you.

Firstly we will be partnering with the Leicester Fixers group to hold another of our popular Repair Cafes. As before if you have something that is broken, that you don’t know how to fix and that you are just going to throw away, bring it along to see if one of our volunteer tinkerers can show you how to repair it. We can do many repairs for free there and then, but if not the repairer will explain what parts might be needed, where to get them, how much they should cost and how you can fit them.  You need to stay with the item you want fixed (this isn’t a repair shop where you can drop things off and pick them up later – our repairers will want to talk to you and show you things!) and whilst there are obviously no guarantees we’ll do our best to fix things. A new addition this time is a “toy hospital” which may be able to resurrect toys that didn’t quite survive from Christmas into the New Year!

To complement the repairing, we’ll have the Emily from Upcycle Your Life on hand to demonstrate how items that are normally wasted may be able to have useful second lives around your home. There’ll be information  on reducing waste & saving money available and maybe some giveaways too..

Alongside the Repair Cafe, Marie Lefebvre from Leicester Fixers will be giving a short talk at 10:30am on encouraging the spread of repair education at home and in schools. If you have children or are a teacher, this talk will be of great interest to you. Having our young people pick up both repair skills and a culture of repairing rather than buying-and-dumping is something we need to work on to give us a sustainable future. There are already moves afoot in worldwide to get repairability of products given more emphasis during design & manufacture, as we need to ensure less material is consumed and heads to landfill.

Moving on from repairing, we will have our annual Seed Swap running all morning. This is usually very popular with local gardeners and is very simple. Just bring along any old, unwanted, duplicate, part used or self saved seeds that you have, drop the packets on the swap table and then have a rumage to see what seed packets you’d like to take away. No money changes hands and it’s a great way to weed your seed tins whilst picking up interesting new seeds to sow this season. You can bring and take as many packets as you like – you don’t need to do a one-for-one swap. Our gardening expert Martha will be on hand to help with growing and sowing advice.

To fit in with the seed swap, another talk will take place at 11am when Hiron will be telling us how to grow and use more exotic vegetables in the UK. This will interest our Food & Gardens supporters, who may find some exotic veg seeds in the seed swap! We have had people grow all sorts of Asian vegetables at our Community Allotment plots off King George Road, so we know exotic veggies can grow in the town.

Last but not least, Transition Loughborough’s Energy Group will be represented by Caroline from Marches Energy Agency. She will be able to give you expert advice and information on home energy issues. Want to improve the energy efficiency of your home? Wonder if you can apply for a grant? Or want to save money by switching energy supplier but don’t know how to? Caroline can help!

Entry to this event is free so come along and get help with repairing, upcycling, growing and improving your home energy.


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