Successful Potato Day and coming Seed Swap

Our third annual Potato Day was a great success. Thank you to everyone involved – volunteers who helped organise it, staff the stall, run the cafe in the Baptist Church and of course those who bought their potatoes, onion sets, garlic and seeds with us. We hope the gardeners of Loughborough and the surrounding area have some great crops this year. Please send us photos of the resulting plants and harvests later in the year so we can show everyone how well people have done!

But wait, we’ve got another gardening event this coming weekend too: its our 2017 Seed Swap! This is being held in Loughborough Public Library from 10am to noon on Saturday 4th February 2017 and its free! Come along with any old, out of date, partially used, duplicate or just unwanted seed packets, drop them on the swap tables and then have a look to see if any of the other seeds take your fancy. Even if you don’t have any seeds to swap yourself come along because we’ll have more than enough for you to pick up a few packets to help you get growing. We’ll also have a very limited stock of seed potatoes left over from the Potato Day stall, so you’ll a last chance to pick some up for 15p per tuber if you missed out on pre-orders and our market stall.


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2 Responses to Successful Potato Day and coming Seed Swap

  1. Martin Hefferman says:

    Hi I am really sorry but we forgot all about yesterday’s potato day. Is it possible to collect our order? Best wishes Martin


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