Potato Day is more than just Potatoes!

We’ve been talking to lots of people in the last few weeks about our Potato Day in January and the pre-orders that are being taken until 6th December 2016.  A couple of people have said that whilst they didn’t want to pre-order potatoes, they were interested in some of the other items available, such as onion sets, shallots, garlic, beans, peas and green manure seeds. Unfortunately they’d assumed these were only available to people who were ordering seed potatoes so were going to miss out on the offers we have.


Fear not: you can order any of these items even if you don’t want to order any seed potatoes!  You can use the same Potato Day website from Transition Chesterfield to order as many (or as few!) of these items as you like, and they’ll be ready to pick up from our stall in the market on 28th January.  You can also order by cheque by posting a copy of our paper order form to us. These have been distributed at a number of local events or can be downloaded to print out.  The only requirement is that we have your order and payment before 6th December 2016 so it can be included on our large bulk order.

So if you just want one packet of beans or a single garlic bulb to grow in a patio tub, feel free to order just those. The same applies to potatoes as well – if you just want one or two tubers for growing in a container that’s all you need to order. Of course if you do want to order a sack of seed potatoes for a small holding, we can handle that too and we’ve got some great potato varieties available!

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