LAGS Chutney Making Workshop on Sat 12th November

On Saturday 12th November from 2pm to 4pm everyone is invited to join the staff and students members of LAGS at their shed to the rear of car park 5 in the centre of the University campus for a chutney making workshop. Basically, chutney is a good way to use up fruit and veg and preserve them with spices, sugar and vinegar. Come and learn how, and help with chopping up all the stuff! Everyone is welcome, old and young.

Apple, apricot and cranberry chutney (Image by Checkmihlyrics on Flickr)

Apple, apricot and cranberry chutney (Image by Checkmihlyrics on Flickr)

LAGS members harvested their green tomatoes and can add apples they have left from over from the Fruit Route. If any of you have more apples or pumpkins, fresh chillis, quinces, or similar,  just bring them along. Martha will bring some spices, sugar and vinegar, but if you have a favorite spice, bring it too.

As LAGS only have a small camping gas cooker in their shed, we won’t be able to finish the chutney off on the day, as the mixture needs a lot of slow long cooking. Martha has offered to finish it at her home over a few evenings and then bring the cooked chutney back to LAGS in jars. If you have any empty jars, bring them along on Saturday. But it’s OK if you just come without anything, just come and help – we’ll have a cup of tea or coffee together and if people want to bring anything else to share on the day, feel free to do so.

And don’t forget that we’re currently taking orders for Potato Day 2017!  You have until 6th December to decide what potato varieties you wish to buy, along with onions, shallots, garlic, peas, beans, green manures, potato fertilizer and growing bags.  The pre-orders will be distributed in Loughborough Town Centre on 28th January 2017. At 12p per tuber for pre-ordered certified seed potatoes it’s quite a bargain so don’t miss out by forgetting to get your order in!



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