Potato Day Orders and Talk

Our Potato Day 2017 pre-orders are now live! You can order a wide range of potato varieties, as well as onions, shallots, garlic, beans and peas.  Vitax organic potato fertiliser is also available to purchase to help give your spuds a boost. For those without gardens or with limited space, you can order 45 litre potato growing planters, which will let you grow potatoes on patios and balconies. And lastly there is a  range of “green manure” seeds – a great way to improve the health of your soil.

Judy won't be needing to buy any potatoes for a while!You can pre-order between now and 6th December 2016.  You can order online at www.potatoday.org.uk (a website run by our colleagues in Transition Chesterfield through whom we arrange this offer) or you can printout a paper order form and pay by cheque. Each seed potato tuber costs just 12p – a price that’s been held for the last three years and which is a bargain compared to some of the prices you can pay in the shops in the Spring.

Once you’ve made your pre-order and received confirmation, you’ll be able to pick up your ordered items from our Potato Day event in Loughborough Town Centre on Saturday 28th January 2017.

But wait, there’s more…

Fiona's crop of potatoes and beans

As well as pre-orders for Potato Day being available now, we’ve more potato related activities on this weekend: its our Potato Talk in Fearon Hall on Saturday 22nd October from 10am to 11.30am.  Steve Sansom from Transition Chesterfield, an experienced and enthusiastic potato grower who arranges the ordering system we use, is giving a talk entitled “All About Potatoes”.

In the talk he will cover different potato varieties, grower recommendations, advice for new growers, growing in soil or containers, potato blight and other diseases, and slugs and other pests.

After his presentation there will be an opportunity for audience questions about potato growing issues, as well as the chance to sample different varieties of potato. We’ll also have paper order forms for Potato Day pre-orders for people who prefer to order that way. There’s something for everyone in this talk, from hardened allotment growers to people contemplating growing a single plant on a balcony for the first time.

Janet grew these in a bag!The Potato Talk is free to attend, although donations to help offset the costs will be appreciated. After the talk Fearon Hall will be hosting one their regular Utilise Social Kitchen lunches, and people are very welcome to stay in the hall and take part in that. The meals are made from perfectly good ingredients that retailers would otherwise dispose of and are served on a pay-what-you-feel basis. All are welcome to come along and join in.

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