Community Garden Judging

Its the time of year when gardens and allotments are in full swing producing a bounty of fruit, vegetables and flowers. Its also the time of year when the community gardens around IMAG2963the country are judged as part of the Royal Horticultural Society’s “It’s Your Neighbourhood” scheme. This is a competition that allows community groups to show how they’ve been working together to tend gardens that are available for everyone in their neighbourhood community to share.

In Loughborough there are three community growing schemes that Transition Loughborough members are involved: the Transition Loughborough Community Allotment plots off King George Road, the student Landscaping and Gardening Society (LAGS) gardens on the University campus, and the Gorse Covert Community Orchard.

On Thursday 4th August LAGS, the Community Allotment; and the Community Orchard will be judged as part of the ‘Its Your Neighbourhood’ scheme. LAGS will be the first to be judged from 10am until 10.45; then from 11:00 until 11.45 it will be the turn of the Community Allotment; and finally from noon until 12.45 the judge will be at Gorse Covert to view the mini orchard.

If anyone will be available to come and support us it will be greatly appreciated. The more people from the local communities that are involved with community gardens the better.  If you’ve been involved with one or more of these projects in the past, it would be great to have you along to explain what you’ve done. If you’ve said you’d like to come to one of these projects but haven’t quite made it yet, now is the time to come along and join in!

If you can only get to one of the sites then the Community Allotment off King George Road will be the garden we would suggest you make your priority. If you’ve not been there before its accessed through the five bar gate on the corner of King George Road – follow the grass track round to our plot with the green polytunnel, little brown shed and large black fruit cage. It would also be great to have a good turn out to our regular Wednesday evening social gardening session from 5.30pm at the Community Allotment as we’ll be trying to make the plots as shipshape as we can!


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One Response to Community Garden Judging

  1. suellap says:

    I can come to Lags and the Community Allotment.

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