Notes on AGM held on 17th March 2016

The AGM was held in the Purple Pumpkin Patch shop courtesy of Sarah, the owner. Present were Sarah, Roxanne, Jon, Eli, Janet, Paul, Sue, Steve, Barry and Martha.  The meeting started at 7.30pm and lasted until just gone 9pm.

Treasurer and Building Society Account Name Change

Steve suggested having a finance sub-group rather than a treasurer. We’d need more than one signature for the cheques anyway, and this then shares the responsibility. Need at least three signatories – currently Judy, Steve, Sue, Caroline and Paul. We can always elect a (temporary?) individual treasurer if needs be for funding bids, etc. Agreed that this was the way to proceed.

Change of building society name – already voted on and approved. Steve has all the forms, and needs the minutes of the meeting decision and letter headed paper.  Also needs all the current signatories to be involved.

ACTION: Finance group to get forms filled in and account name changed to “Transition Loughborough” as soon as possible.

Attending local events, public meeting, event kit, info leaflet and using £140 Quaker money

We went through the events we were likely to be involved in. First suggestion was Picnic in the Park. Sue has an application form and it will be held on Sat June 25th noon-5pm. May be slightly different organisation this year as the previous lady that organised it has left. Need to apply by Friday 5th May – appears to be free for community groups. Consensus was that its a useful outreach.

ACTION: Sue will fill in the application form.

At the end of the summer there is the multi-cultural Mela event. Someone from Human Rights and Equalities Charnwood usually contacts Steve about this.  Consensus that we should be involved with this to reach several community groups.

Sarah said there’s a St Georges day event in the Market (Saturday nearest 23rd April) and some events during the Xmas week in the market.  These appear to be more aimed at selling products though. Question about events marking Queen’s birthday – nobody knew of anything aside from “Clean for the Queen” Keep Britain Tidy events.

We then talked about holding a public meeting, similar to the first one that was held upstairs in John Storer House. Paul suggested it should explain how Transition fits in on a national or international basis in tackling climate change, rather than focusing just  on our local issues in Loughborough. Martha suggested a guest speaker, to which Paul put forward Rob Hopkins (one of the two founders of the Transition Towns movement). Could be well advertised so there a wider number are involved – Quaker money could support this.

Sue asked if we should follow a similar format to the first meeting where we had an introductory session and then split into discussion groups? Sarah asked what sort of people are we trying to target? That would affect the type of event we hold. Do we want to attract people who know about Transition already to get them more involved, or reach out to people who don’t know about Transition? If we want families it would have to be kid friendly too. Need to figure out what the draw is for people coming.

Barry thought an interesting piece of paperwork we could produce would be an A-Z of topics related to Transition. Martha pointed out that some Transition ideas are relatively abstract and difficult to get across.

Suella had suggested that we put an event kit together. There’s also demand for a leaflet, possibly including some of Barry’s A-Z? Barry, Steve, Jon and Sue would form a group to design a leaflet and decide what we would like in an event support kit. Janet said the leaflet needs a map showing where the community allotment is!

ACTION: Barry, Steve, Jon and Sue to work on the leaflet contents/design and produce a list of what an event support kit should contain based on Suelle’s initial suggestion.

Martha asked if we’ve got another Repair Cafe coming up. Jon said we’re planning on doing them quarterly, so the next one will probably be late May/early June.  Actual date depends on room availability and logistics of volunteers required to support it.  Aim to tie it in with a Utilise Social Kitchen event again.

Martha suggested that we could run another bag making workshop. Janet was up for doing this – we need to find a suitably large space. Sarah said that she runs introductory sewing workshops at the Purple Pumpkin Patch – people seemed keen on us promoting those too. There is also going to be a local makers/creative market event being run by the University’s Radar Arts.

There is a plan for another event later in the summer to bring Steve Samson from Transition Chesterfield along to do a presentation/session about potato growing.  Steve is flexible about the timing, and the Potato Day group within Food & Gardens will probably arrange this as a precursor to the ordering process for Potato Day 2017.

We then went back to talk more about the target audience for a public meeting. Sarah asked what age range are we looking at? Paul said everyone in the town! Jon asked if we trying to find more potential active participants, or get a (potentially much larger) group people in the town to understand what Transition stands for and does? Martha listed a range of ways she has contacted other groups with an aim to get them involved in Transition events. Therefore the conclusion was that we investigate the costs of getting a speaker for a public meeting aimed at telling people more about what Transition Towns are for.

ACTION: Paul, Barry and Sue to get together to explore the options for speakers for a public open meeting.

Paul explained about the Utilise Social Kitchen events being held at Fearon Hall, and Transition Loughborough’s involvement in it. Dates are roughly every three weeks, and planned in advance until October. Martha asked about getting Food & Gardens group more involved – Paul said more people volunteering would be great. We could also grow things to support them (eg herbs). Jon put forward the idea of running workshops showing how to deal with leftovers or gluts. Sue and Paul both pointed that Leicestershire County Council’s Waste Action Volunteers and Love Food Hate Waste are/can be involved.

Swap Event

Huzaifa had suggested a swap event, where people bring items they no longer want and swap them with other local people. Steve is going to ask the Utilise Social Kitchen folk and Fearon Hall if they would like to run one as a Saturday morning event. We need to be sure that this is an event they’d like within their community.

ACTION: Steve to talk to USK folk and Meg from Fearon Hall.

Car Boot Fund Raiser

These run regularly in Quorn on a Sunday morning, and are a useful source of income, helping to pay for things such as our insurance cover. Steve said we need more people involved, and get people saving items well in advance. Needs to be well publicised. Could get the students involved, and get in touch with Amy from University Sustainability team to see if end-of-term discard items from student residences could be sold there. If suitably timed, items left over from the swap event above could be sold at the car boot sale.

ACTION: Steve and Eli to arrange a meeting with Amy to see if they can work cooperatively.

Potato Day

Steve, Paul, Caroline, Janet and Jon are happy to be involved again – Sue would like to be involved as well. Steve happy to lead on Potato Day and will put it on the Google Group to arrange a meeting.  Could be during the day rather than an evening meeting if that is more convenient for the majority.

What Are Groups Planning in the Future?

Roxanne and Sue will be coordinating another Footpaths group. Footpaths is a community carbon reduction project originating from Transition Leicester. Several people already interested but more are welcome.

Jon said the Loughborough Skills Share Network’s Repair Cafe will happen quarterly, with next one in early summer.

Martha said the Food & Garden group have two Big Dig events to plant early potatoes this weekend:

  • Saturday, 19th March at 2pm at the Shed, Loughborough University,  behind car park 5
  • Sunday, 20th March at 11am at the Transition Allotment on King George Road, LE11 2PA –  go through the wooden gate at the bend of the road and down the path on the right along the brook.

Both event are marking the beginning of the gardening season, so we’ll start working at the allotment again on Wednesdays after 5 and at the university garden on Fridays after 3. Everyone welcome to any of the events – just come along. At the community allotment there are leeks and lambs lettuce that can be harvested now!

Sue had put things about local economics out to the Google Group as part of the Market Town project she’s been working with.  She”d like some feedback from people to gauge interest.

Transport and Energy groups haven’t met recently. On the transport side, Sue said that Charnwood Youth Council still keen on having a bike workshop, and would be keen on having a market stall for this year’s in town without your car day, which Steve was also interested in. Jon said that we’ve done bike repairs in the town now as Huzaifa had come down to help at the last Repair Cafe, which was a popular feature. We now have a bike repair stand & tools bought from Pedal Power Bikes for these events, paid for from part of the University bike workshops grant.


Martha said that there is a workshop on potato planting at LAGS on campus this coming Saturday (19th March) to which all are welcome.

Sue told us that there is a “wonky” veg box scheme started in Leicester that wants to expand into Loughborough. For details see their website. This ties in with reducing waste food.

Sue, Steve and Jon attended a meeting at Charnwood Borough Council about food waste, and there is a network of councils, voluntary groups, businesses and individuals who are interested in tackling this issue being set up.

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