Seed Swap Saturday

After our successful Potato Day last week, Saturday 6th February sees Transition Loughborough run its annual Seed Swap event. Once again we’re in the public library from 10am to noon to help local gardeners swap and share their seeds, ideas and skills.

The basic idea is very simple: gather up any seed packets that you have to swap. These could be from the fronts of magazines, inadvertently purchased duplicate packets, opened and half used packets, ones that are past their best before dates or self saved seeds. Bring them along on the morning, add them to the swap table and then have a look through what other people have brought that might interest you. No money changes hands, and you don’t have to take the same number of packets as you brought. Any seeds can be brought along – veggies, herbs or flowers.

As well as swapping seeds we’ll have members of the Food & Gardens group on hand who will be happy to chat about some of our other projects such as the shared community allotment plots we have. There will also be information on the Garden Organic Master Gardeners scheme, and the Landscaping and Gardening Society on the University campus.

So start sorting out your seed box and we’ll see you on Saturday morning in the public library!


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