Notes on Transport Group meeting 4th Nov 2015

Present: Sue, Jon

Bike Workshops

Talked about spending the University bike workshops grant – partly on tools and partly on places/people to do the bike workshops in the town. Probably spend a couple of hundred pounds on a tool kit of useful cycle repair tools and a decent work stand. Sue suggested meeting with Andrew Lake at Charnwood Youth Council about a workshop there. Barry had previous said he was interested in taking part, and Mark (Jon’s friend from Uni) might also be available. Discussing the different ways we could run workshops – might be an idea to have a structured show-n-tell session on a maintenance topic (eg preventative maintainence) followed by a question and answer session on problems attendees have on their bikes.

ACTION: Sue to contact Andrew to arrange a meeting with him.

ACTION: Jon to ask Mark if he’d like to come to this meeting.

ACTION: Jon to discuss tool/workstand choices with Mark

Circular Bus Route

Sue brought up the question of people with disabilities having difficulty accessing some resources (eg general post office) from some existing bus routes that have been changed due to pedestrianisation of Loughborough town centre. Sue asked if it would be possible to have a circular(ish) “hopper” route using a small low floor accessible bus to link different sides of the town centre together? Discussed a few rough route ideas. Could we put a route together than could be shown to local councillors, bus companies, interested parties, etc?

ACTION: Jon to see if there are published metrics/algorithms used by bus companies to choose what routes are likely to be viable and then see if any possible circular routes match up.

ACTION: Sue to talk to Max Hunt to say we’re thinking about this as a potential idea for the bus routes/stops consultation that is going on at the moment.

Previous outstanding project ideas

* Car pooling club

* Compile driving tips list and possibly arrange workshop with driving instructor

* In town without your car day (for September 2016)

* Offering a meeting between motorists and cyclists

Meeting Venues

Some free options: fire station community room, Delice Deli and restaurant near Wilkinsons. These are mostly available during the day, rather than evenings. Jon suggested that doing a day time meeting might be an idea to see if there are people who can’t come out in during the evening. With a small group (only two of us this evening!) its not worth spending much money on hiring rooms.


Jon mentioned that Sustrans are looking for cyclists who can meet up and help report on maintenance issues on cycle infrastructure on a regular basis in the Loughborough area. Volunteers will need to be cyclists and should contact for more details.

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