Apple pressings this week

The Transition Loughborough apple press has been busy at community pressing events for the last few weeks.  Last weekend at Woodhouse Eaves we pressed the most we’ve ever done in one afternoon – estimates put it at around 300 litres of juice but people were drinking and bottling it as fast as we could produce it!  Now this week is even busier as we’re at four events, three of which are open to the public to come along to.

We start off on Thursday at the University, where we’ll be setting up the press and making tasty apple juice in Shirley Pearce Square, which is located alongside Epinal Way.  We being hosted by the Sustainability Team at the University, and the square also contains the brilliant Whole Earth exhibition, which walks people through some of the effects of climate change and what we can do to help tackle it. We’ll be there from about midday until the middle of the afternoon.

fruit routes1

On Friday we’re doing a pressing for the pupils at Stonebow school, and then on Saturday afternoon its back to the campus to do some more pressing for the staff, students and general public. This time though we’ll be at the LAGS garden and shed, which is located at the rear of car park 5 in the middle of the campus. This is part of the larger set of Fruit Routes events that are going on, which also include a produce exchange in the ex-Orange shop in Carillon Court (open on both Friday and Saturday, 10am – 5pm), an apple recipe bake off, walks, talks and community soup making at LAGS on Saturday lunchtime.

fruit routes2

Lastly on Sunday morning, we’ll be bringing the press over to St Peter’s church on Storer Road as part of their Harvest Festival celebrations. As well as turning apple donations into fresh fruit juice using our press, they’ll be having home grown fruit and veg competitions, craft stalls, soup making, children’s activities and a harvest festival service. The event kicks off at 10.30am and will run until early afternoon.  All are welcome to come – you don’t have to be a church member.

OH Harvest Festival 2015

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One Response to Apple pressings this week

  1. suellap says:

    Wow! So much activity. Well done to our intrepid pressers, Steve and Jon. I had some of the Sunday pressed juice on Tuesday and it was wonderful. Really delicious.

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