Apple pressing this weekend

This weekend sees the Transition Loughborough apple press back in action again!

On Saturday we’ll be at Fearon Hall in Rectory Road, Loughborough at their Autumn Fair. We’ll also be doing a mini version of the Repair Cafe (more of a “Repair Snackbar”!) focusing on cleaning, sharpening and repairing garden tools for people at the end of the main growing season, along with Janet helping people sew bags and repair clothes. There will also be a Fair Trade raffle, community soup making, autumn crafts and live music.  This lunchtime event runs for two hours from noon until 2pm.autumn fayre poster

On Sunday, the apple press moves over to the community orchard in Woodhouse Eaves. This located at Broombriggs Farm on Beacon Road, and was planted out a couple of years ago with support from Leicestershire County Council.  As the orchard is still very young, people are being encouraged to bring apples from their own garden trees for us to press into fresh apple juice.  This event starts late on Sunday morning and runs until about 4pm (or when we run out of apples or bottles!).

If you are bringing apples to contribute towards one of our pressing events don’t forget to bring some bottles to put the resulting juice in! Plastic pop and milk bottles that have been carefully washed out are fine, and will last for up to a week in the fridge.  If you use 1 pint plastic milk bottles they can even be frozen and will last for about a year in the deep freeze.

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