Energy Group meeting on 15th September 2015

Just a quick reminder for folk who are interested in energy generation, efficiency and waste issues, that Transition Loughborough’s Energy Group will be meeting tomorrow evening (15th September 2015) from 8pm to 9.30pm. You can find us in the Coffee Lounge in Rosebery St Peter’s community centre in Storer Road. The Coffee Lounge is at the rear of the main hall (which often has martial arts or fitness going on in it – don’t be put off by that!).

We’ll be discussing a number of issues:

  • How to move forward with helping community centres in the town,
  • The upcoming second Green Fox share offer in Leicestershire,
  • Update on the Big Energy Race,
  • Sharing news of local renewable energy schemes and plans,
  • What events should we plan to do next year? Open Homes? Energy Efficiency workshops? Landlords workshops? Something else?

The meeting is open to all – please come along if you’ve an interest in helping to make Loughborough a cleaner, lower carbon town!

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