Notes on General Meeting 8th Sept 2015

Held in the Beale Room, Rosebery St Peters Community Centre, Storer Road, Loughborough.

Present: Steve, Paul, Jon, Janet S, Janet C, David, Barry, Sue

Apologies: Martha, Caroline, Suella, Judy, Ken & Lillian

Matter Arising from the last General Meeting


Deciding on our name

Our bank account, insurance, etc says Loughborough Transition Town but most people know us as Transition Loughborough. General feeling at the meeting was to switch to being called Transition Loughborough – Steve suggested we put this decision to the Google Group and if there are no objections within a week he’ll start the process of changing the bank account and insurance details.

Finance Report

Current balance is £756.81 (including £500 grant for running bike maintenance workshops in the town). There is also some Quaker donations in the total (though neither Sue nor Steve knew exactly how much – probably at most £130). This is after we’ve paid for the public liability insurance. We owe St Peters £40 for room hire charges for an Energy Group meeting on 19th May (Sue will check with Caroline as we thought we’d paid for all of those).

Date of Next Meeting

Suggestion of Tuesday 16th February 2016 for the AGM in the Spectrum Centre.

ACTION: Steve will book the room.

Bag Making Workshop.

This workshop is to teach people how to make their own shopping bags from waste material and also provide bags to sell at next year’s Potato Day stall. It is taking place on Saturday 12th September 2015 in the Spectrum Centre behind Rosebery St Peter. People don’t have to come for the full three hours – you can pick and choose and do just an hour if you’d prefer. We have 4-5 sewing machines available. Janet S said if anyone has any brightly coloured or eye catching materials they should bring them along. Janet C suggested contacting Quorn Country Crafts to see if any of their members would like to come and/or bring spare material.

ACTION: Jon to put out a general announcement on the web site, Twitter, etc.

Stonebow Litter Pick

Steve said a community based litter picking is being held on Sunday 13th September 2015 at the Stonebow Washlands, organised by Emma from 38 Degrees. Any Transition members who can come along and join in are encouraged to do so.

Green Impact Day

Marie French, the Charnwood Borough Council sustainability officer, has invited us to attend the launch of their Green Impact Day for council staff. Steve suggested that people who are interested meet to put some presentation materials together (eg Potato Day info, a leaflet on what we do). Sue will be there with Steve on the day to promote aspects of Transition such as Footpaths.

ACTION: Holding a meeting to plan this material. Steve, Jon and Sue will definitely be there – others welcome.

Winter Feast

Winter Feast is booked in Fearon Hall on 26th November 2015. The Food & Gardens group have been involved with arranging food in the past and its likely to be the same again. Paul has arranged for a friend called Howard to come along and play some music for us. Howard wants people to listen to him rather than talk with background music. Planned to have the music before the meal. Steve suggested having some paper invitations to the feast – Janet C said to make a PDF so that it can be used both digitally and on paper.

Feedback from Repair Cafe

Seemed to be very successful – people liked the event. Meg keen to do another event in the early New Year. Janet C suggested doing something similar in the RADAR town centre shop and its could be possible to do a “pop up” Repair Cafe in there. Sunday is a possibility as the shop might not be used on that day – need to check with the lady from RADAR about it. We shared the donations from Saturday’s Repair Cafe between ourselves and Fearon Hall.

Green Festival of Making and Mending

Sue pointed out that the Green Festival of Making and Mending is taking place at the Friends Meeting house on the Queens Road in Leicester on 31st October 2015 between 11am and 5pm. Janet S is running a knitting workshop.

Market Town Workshop on Future of Town Centre

Sue, Steve, Janet, Janet, Paul attended a workshop facilitated by Kevin from Charnwood Arts on their visions for Transition and the town itself, including potential dream and nightmare scenarios. Kevin then produced a report that combined the views of all the people at the workshop. Janet C wondered if other members of Transition Loughborough would like to take part in similar workshops in latter part of September? Sue offered to facilitate this if people were interested.  Sue would also like the people from the workshop to have a short meeting to decide what to do with the information that the combined report has provided.

There is also an offer of a “newspaper” being produced (500 copies) for free by RADAR for us. The contents would be up to Transition Loughborough to decide upon, but help can be given on production, layout, etc. Janet C said it would be doable if it the time scale is by March 2016, but unlikely if RADAR want us to produce this very soon. Need to find out more about what this entails, what formats are possible and who wants to be involved.

Potato Day Planning

The Potato Day group have been meeting quiet regularly (usually on the first Monday of the month). The planning is guided by what Caroline arranged last year as that worked well. Seed potato prices are the same as last year (12p per tuber for pre-orders, 14p per tuber if bought on the day in January). Jon will be producing some more promotional material soon – posters on allotments have already been noticed.

We’ll also be asking people to help out on the stall on Saturday 30th January 2016 to help distribute the potatoes.

Feedback from Picnic in the Park

It was wet! Still had quite number of people passing through. Sue asked if we were going to do it again next year? General feeling seemed to be to do it again with one or two stalls. Janet C also extended the invitation to Transition to have space in her shed again at her National Garden Scheme open garden and secret craft fair in Herrick Road. Jon said that the open garden was a great event this year and had lots of interested people come and talk to him and Caroline.

Talks to Other Groups and Further Public Meetings

Sue asked how to get people more actively involved in Transition Loughborough. Steve, Barry and Sue did a talk in Shepshed Glenmore Centre and then Steve and Barry did a talk to the 38 Degrees group. Janet S said we should keep our ears open for future opportunities. Janet C offered to help look after the Facebook group – Jon will put her in touch with Philip Leicester who set it up.

Do we want a public meeting like we did a few years ago at John Storer House? Paul suggested aiming for the ethics and environment week (which this past year was in early March). Sue suggested putting out a request on Google Group/website to gather a group together to organise a public meeting.

Reports from subgroups

Transport: Jon reported on the £500 grant we have from Loughborough University to help us run cycle workshops in the town centre and the successful cycle workshops we’ve already run on campus. Sue described the input that we’ve had with the local council on making the Ashby Road/Radmoor Road junction refurbishment, and Sue has contact with the transport policy person at County Hall. Steve said there was little support for In Town without Your Car Day this year, but they may be more next year.

Energy: David said that several wind turbine planning applications have been turned down. There’s also a solar farm planning application in for either side of the railway line. The group have been working on project planning for helping to make community buildings more energy efficient.

Food & Gardens: Lots of produce available at the shared community allotment – people are free to help themselves. We had a shared meal at the allotment last week from freshly picked crops. Anne-Marie has sent round a timetable for Fruit Routes events in October. Steve has organised an “apple man” to come on the Saturday event at LAGS in mid-October. Got alot of apple pressings coming up.

Hearts, Minds & Community: mostly covered above under workshops, public meetings, etc. Sue felt that the Repair Cafe was a great example of Hearts, Minds & Community as it facilitated skill sharing, thinking about repair, etc.


Steve mentioned the Autumn Fayre at Fearon Hall on 10th October, which Meg had sent out information on to the Google Group.  There is also a pruning workshop taking place at LAGS on the same day from 2pm.

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