Autumn General Meeting

On Tuesday 8th September we’ll be holding a General Meeting from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in the Beale Room, Rosebery St Peters Community Centre, Storer Road.

Our Agenda is currently:

  1. Apologies
  2. Matters Arising from last General Meeting if not on agenda
  3. Our name! Definite decision needed for our formal name, due to need to be consistent between e.g. bank account and grant applications; other formal purposes – Steve
  4. Feedback from:
    1. Repair Café – Jon/Steve/Janet
    2. Charnwood Arts Workshop ref future of Loughborough Town Centre, including possibility of free Transition Newspaper – Sue/anyone attending
    3. Potato Day Planning – Janet/Paul
    4. Feedback from Picnic in the Park, if any. (Sue/anyone)
  5. Plans for Winter Feast – Paul
  6. Stonebow Litter Picking – Steve
  7. Talks to other groups – Sue
  8. Further Public Meeting – Sue
  9. Finance Report (Judy preparing a written report)
  10. Presentation for Green Impact Day of Charnwood Borough Council 1st Oct 2015 – Steve
  11. Reports from sub-groups (other than those points above):
    1. Transport: Grant/Cycle Workshop (Jon); In Town without My Car Day (Steve)
    2. Energy: (Jon)
    3. Food and Gardening: (Steve)
    4. Hearts, Minds and Community: (Sue)
  12. Any other Business – Please notify Steve (chairing) or Sue in advance
  13. Date and venue of next General Meeting
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