Harvesting at the community allotment

The shared community allotment plots located just off King George Road in Loughborough are doing really well this year, and the harvest is in full swing.  We’ve been picking runner beans, courgettes, squashes, carrots, raspberries and blackberries this evening. This photo shows just a small portion of what we picked, dug up and plucked off plants this evening:


This evening’s main “planned task” was to prepare some beds in the polytunnel ready to accept sowings of winter crops.  As you can see, that was achieved and Martha has sown some lamb’s lettuce seeds already. And yes, the polytunnel is carpeted… a real home-from-home for us gardeners!


Next Wednesday evening, assuming the weather is suitably dry, we’ve decided to lift some of the potatoes on the plot and possibly bring a camping stove, water and pans along to have some very fresh boiled potatoes!  These potatoes came from the Potato Day 2015 supplies… don’t forget that Potato Day orders start in October for next year!

So please pop along to the community allotment next Wednesday evening and join in the shared harvest. The allotments are located on the site accessible through the five bar wooden gate on the corner of King George Road – just walk down the grass track, round the corner and along to the plots with the large fruit cage, green polytunnel and little brown sheds on.

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2 Responses to Harvesting at the community allotment

  1. suellap says:

    Looks wonderful. What are you hoping to plant as winter crops? My greenhouse has some runner beans and three massive tomato plants still producing. I won’t be able to clear it for a few weeks yet. But I could order or buy in winter crop seed.

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