Energy Group meeting this coming Tuesday


After a weekend of being out and about meeting people at Picnic in the Park and the NGS Open Gardens in Herrick Road, our thoughts are now focused back on this week’s forthcoming Energy Group meeting.  It starts at 8pm in Rosebery St Peters Community Centre in Storer Road and the main topic of discussion will be whether we participate in the next Big Energy Race competition, and if so how we plan for it.  The Big Energy Race is pits community groups against one another to get the most people to make positive changes in their energy use and lifestyle, with the ultimate reward of a relative large grant to the winning group to support a community energy project. We’d be interested to hear if people like the idea of us taking part in this, and how you’d like to get involved.

There will also be the usual reports on local energy projects and feedback from actions from the meeting last month.  All are welcome to the meeting – there’s no membership list so you can just drop in even if you’ve not been to a Transition Loughborough meeting or event before.

And whilst on the subject of the Energy Group, its probably worth giving a reminder that we have some energy monitors that we can lend to people in return for a (refundable) £5 deposit.  These are handy if you want to track down energy hogging appliances (or residents!) in your home.  Those who visited Janet and Pete’s house this weekend for the Open Gardens event might have noticed one of our monitors sitting on a shelf in their kitchen.  We have both “whole house” monitors and a gizmo that can let you watch the energy use of an individual device.  Leave a comment below or email us if you’re interested.

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