Notes on Food & Gardens Group meeting Thursday 14th May 2015

Present: Martha, Jon, Steve, Kevin, Barry

Spending the £60 B&Q vouchers left for the community allotment.

Had several suggestions for spending the last of the fruit cage and accessibility money. Suggested having a priority list:

1) Enviromesh and Water Pipe hoops for the planters

2) Trowels, secateurs & a hoe (ask if other Transitioners have old tools that they could donate)

3) Camping toilet (to make the plot more useful to people – not sure if we can get from B&Q though).

4) As many paving slabs as we can get with the remaining money to improve wheelchair access again.

We had quite a bit of discussion about options for the composting loo. Barry is something of an expert on these, as he uses them all the time himself.

ACTION: Barry and Steve will go to B&Q next Wednesday to purchase these as Barry can also get a 10% discount that day!

Composting workshop

Decided on Saturday 6th June from the dates when Lynn Dutton (Master Composter) is available to run the workshop.

ACTION: Martha will discuss times with Lynn Dutton and then let Jon know so that he can make a poster/leaflet & promote it.

Information about the allotment

Kevin joined us – he’d like to take on the plot next to our three by adding it to our holding. We agreed this was OK.

ACTION: Steve to check with Mather Jamie (the lease agents) how they want the £24 for the plot paid and then Kevin will donate the amount to Transition Loughborogh whilst we’ll pay for it (so that its in TL’s name).

Steve said that Mather Jamie had mentioned that the large plot near the entrance was also now available but would cost £72 per year.  He wondered if we should switch over as it would be easier to make accessible, but Martha pointed out all the work we’d done with the existing plots which she didn’t think we should give up.

We looked at the poster that’s been produced to promote the community allotment. It was agreed that we liked that it and we should put it up in the library, community centres and produce it as leaflets to give away at events.

ACTION: Jon will print out five A4 posters for community centres and 20-30 A5 leaflet versions. He’ll also use it online.

TLCA Poster-small

ACTION: Martha can send information about the plots to the Loughborough in Bloom group to advertise events and work evenings. She can also promote the Master Gardeners in Leicestershire.

Community Orchard rebranding

Steve said at the recent Loughborough in Bloom meeting rebranding the Community Orchard was discussed. From next year it would be promoted as being part of a town “Fruit Route” (mirroring the existing Fruit Route on the University campus). This has support from Nicola from Quadrant (the contract holders for grounds maintenance in Loughborough), Mike Jones from Loughborough in Bloom and people at the recent Transition Quarterly General Meeting. Steve has put Anne-Marie in touch with Nicola and Jo Shields from the University Sustainability Team to link the campus and town Fruit Routes together. There may be some funding for a “Green Gym” project to help get people working on maintaining the Fruit Route (and possibly community gardens around the town).

Picnic in the Park

We could have leaflets and fund raising at the Picnic in the Park. Martha suggested a plant swap and the students have offered to help. We’ll be meeting up with Sue and the other Transition Loughborough groups to plan the event. Kevin suggested a tool swap as well which would be a good addition to this event.

ACTION: Martha, Jon, Steve and Sue to meet to firm up plans.

Its Your Neighbourhood Judgement Day

Martha reminded us that both LAGS and TLCA are part of “Its Your Neighbourhood” and the judging will take place in July. We need as many people as possible to come when we know the dates and times.


Some concrete breeze blocks are being offered from Jon’s friend Mike. The group said that we’d like them for use on the community allotment, so Jon will arrange a time for he and Steve to pick them up from Mike.


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One Response to Notes on Food & Gardens Group meeting Thursday 14th May 2015

  1. Caroline Harding says:

    Hello Food and Gardens Group.

    I have just read your notes of the meeting concerning buying slabs for your garden.I have got quite a number of slabs and would be happy to donate them if your can organise their collection. Give a call if you are interested.

    Caroline Harding

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