Notes on Quarterly General Meeting, Tuesday 12th May 2015

Apologies from Martha, Lillian and Moira. Sue wanted it to be known that she was the first person at the meeting (but only because she thought it started at 7pm!).

Transport Group Update

Sue has spent over 10 hours talking to officials about the Ashby Road junction, line painting and potholes. The council has no real money, but might be able to do some line painting (eg advanced stop for cyclists). We weren’t successful with the Quaker grant but Jon has put in an application with the University’s Inside-Out fund for cycle workshops in the town. Barry volunteered to run cycle maintenance workshops for kids if we can get funding to run them. Jon has organised a bike workshop on the University campus next Wednesday lunchtime in the LAGS shed. Sue is trying to otganise a meeting between cyclists and motorists. The group has also offered to help clear up cycle paths (and indeed Ken has been doing it already!). Steve suggested we have an “In Town Without My Car” day on Tuesday 22nd September, which is an EU festival of sustainable transport and getting people to reconsider how they get around. Steve is suggesting having a stall or the gazebo in the town the week before to promote the idea. He’s keen on getting a group together to help run this – he’ll post on the Google Group to see who is interested.

Food & Gardens Group Update

The shared community allotment is looking great, but we need to get more people coming down as we’ve lost some of the groups who used it last year. We’ve got a poster/leaflet design to advertise the allotment to try to increase usage. Fearon Hall are looking at introducing people to gardening and then potentially pass them on to us. Sue said one of the workers at Charnwood Youth Council can come along to help at the allotment. Sue suggested that we discuss usage of the allotment at the next Food group – for example what groups are suitable to come to the site and how to do we arrange things with them. Caroline has distributed all of the potatoes and planning for next year’s Potato Day is under way. Steve said that there’s an idea to re-brand the community orchard next year as part of the Fruit Routes around the town – there were no objections in the meeting to him doing this. Barry said that he’d had difficulty meeting up with the Wednesday evening group gardening and didn’t want to work on the allotment alone during the day. If there’s a demand, a daytime group could be formed?

Energy Group Update

We took part in the Big Energy Race but didn’t get much take up. Jon has talked to the organisers and it will be running again later in the year and this time we’ll be better prepared for it. We’ve been putting together a list of potential “wishlist” larger projects that future funding might be able to take advantage of. Barry went to an energy event with Tony Marmont last week and it was very impressive: he encouraged everyone to have a look if they get a chance. Ruth asked if someone could put together a summary of what Tony Marmont is doing.

Hearts and Minds and Community Update

Steve said that he’d seen Hearts and Minds described as “inner Transition” in notes from the Transition Network which he rather liked. Sue said that the rest of HM&C updates are covered under other items on the agenda.


Judy wasn’t present and as far as we know we’re in the black financially. Steve said we have £60 left to spend on the community allotment which will be decided upon at Thursday’s Food & Gardens group meeting. Sue had a £15 donation for some wood which she passed to Transition.


Caroline showed our new constitution to CSE (the group that funded our Open Homes event last year) and it turns out that constitution is no longer enough for them: they’d want us to be legally incorporated. The constitution we’ve got would be OK with the Big Energy Race. We decided that we didn’t currently want to be incorporated. Sue and Steve signed the constitution.

Picnic in the Park

We are having a stall at the Charnwood Arts Picnic in the Park event in June. There will be a small group of people representing different Transition Loughborough groups meeting to arrange what we’re doing on the day, so that we don’t end up with too many things appearing at the last minute.

Stephanie’s Mental Health Group

Steve met with Stephanie Padbury who works with an adult mental health group in Shepshed who would like some of us to meet with them. Steve is currently thinking of doing a discussion with them as to how oil is involved in different products. The meeting will be on Wednesday 10th June at Shepshed Glenmore Centre at 1.15pm until 3pm and Steve is hoping to have two or three people come with him. Sue was interested in taking part.

Linking with BID to support independent local business

The BID is the Business Improvement District – a group intended to promote businesses in the town under the “Love Loughborough” banner. Sue said Paul had talked about working with the BID in the past. Sue would like to make links with the BID herself with a view to promoting independent local businesses more. Caroline suggested that we talk to BID about a “Totally Locally” scheme which other towns have done in the past.

Performance by an Eco Poet

Sue had heard that one of the cafes in the town in which her son lives (Frome) had an event at which an eco poet took part. Sue had talked to the poet involve about this via email and she’d be happy to come to Loughborough to do something similar if her expenses were covered. Steve suggested inviting her to the winter feast. Caroline said that there was a local poet at a previous event she went to which might be cheaper and more eco-friendly. Sue will let the lady know that we’re still thinking about how such an event could be run.

Repair Cafe

Steve and Jon have been planning a Repair Cafe in Fearon Hall and they’ll be meeting up with Meg from Fearon Hall in the Swan at 8pm next Monday. Jon has taken part in Repair Cafes elsewhere – the basic idea is that people who have broken household items that are destined for landfill come along to see if some local “tinkerers” can help to fix them.

Talks at Local Organisations and/or another public meeting

Sue said it would be good to have a stall at meetings of other organisations to help spread the Transition message. Suggested having a promotion kit ready for such events. Sue asked that this be put down as an agenda item for the next general meeting as we didn’t have time to discuss it fully.

Date of next QGM meeting

September 8th 7.30pm to 9pm in the Beale Room (subject to booking). Steve will be chairing the next meeting.

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One Response to Notes on Quarterly General Meeting, Tuesday 12th May 2015

  1. suellap says:

    Sorry I missed this meeting.
    Two points:
    1. Repair cafe sounds great. We have some smallportable stuff that is about to go to the tip, so will save it just in case you might be able to hlep. Is this the start of a Loughborough hack space, perhaps?
    2. Horse Muck still available. Does anyone still need any, or shall I advertise this more widely?


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