Transition meetings next week.

Next week sees two Transition Loughborough meetings taking place – a Quarterly General Meeting on Tuesday 12th May and then a Food & Gardens group meeting two days later on Thursday 14th May.

The Quarterly General Meeting (QGM) on Tuesday 12th May is being held between 7.30pm and 9pm in Rosebery St. Peters Centre on Storer Road.  QGMs are intended to let everyone involved in different aspects of Transition Loughborough get together to share news on progress and ideas for the future.

The agenda for the QGM is:

1. Update: Transport Group
2. Update: Food Group
3. Update: Energy Group
4. Update: Hearts and Minds
5. Update: Finances (Judy)
6. Update: Constitution (Caroline)
7. Picnic in the Park (Sue)
8. Contact with BID/other ref independent local businesses (Sue)
9. Stephanie’s Mental Health Group (Steve)
10. Repair Café (Steve)
11. Performance by EcoPoet (Sue)
12. Talks at local organisations/another public meeting? (Sue)
13. Grant application for Uni Education Fund – Autumn term – could link to funding for public meeting? (Sue)

Sue will be chairing the meeting, and everyone who lives and/or works in Loughborough is welcome to come along and join in.

The Food & Garden’s group’s next regularly meeting on Thursday 14th May takes place at the LAGS Shed at the rear of Car Park 5 on the University campus starting at 7pm.  The main items to discuss will be the date and timing of the proposed composting workshop with Lynn Dutton, and what we need to spend the last £60 of the accessible gardening/fruit cage money on at the shared community allotment. There have also been discussions about getting horse manure from Suella for the plots so we need to plan that out. If you’ve got an interest in growing, cooking and/or eating local food, come along to the shed and join our little band.

The community allotment is looking good by the way: we’re there most Wednesday summer evenings from about 5pm (unless its pouring with rain like it was this last week!).  Once again, everyone is welcome to come along and muck in – literally if we’re shifting horse muck around!

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