Notes from Energy and Transport Group Meeting 21st April 2015

Present: Caroline, David, John, Barry, Sue, Jon, Steve

Energy Group notices

Caroline gave out some leaflets for the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Open Homes events that are being held in May 2015. These are homes that the owners are opening to the public for a day or two to demonstrate energy saving measures that they have had installed. Some of the homes are just “over the border” north of Loughborough so might be of interest if you’re considering home improvements yourself.

David said that he’d had a letter to say that a single wind turbine at Six Hills Farm has been refused planning permission.  No indication for why it was refused was given.

Wishlist of Energy Projects

One of the major aims of this evening’s meeting was to come up with a “wishlist” of potential projects that the energy group could take forward of the next few years as resources become available.  In the past we’ve missed out on funding opportunities because we didn’t have schemes under development that funders wanted to invest in.

At this stage we were just looking for rough ideas.  Details on whether a specific idea was technically or economically viable can be looked into later.  The list from this evening’s discussions was:

  • Solar panels and energy efficiency audits of all community centre buildings in Loughborough.
  • Solar panels on car parks in the area
  • Solar PV on school roofs
  • Bulk retrofit solid wall insulation or similar for a large number of houses
  • Energy advice corner in local community shop
  • A project focusing on tenants and landlords rather than private owner occupiers. Do CBC have a landlords forum we could talk at?
  • Offering home energy assessments/audits. Do CBC offer something like this?
  • Thermal imaging camera to help demonstrate energy losses on local buildings,
  • Building more Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure around the town.

If anyone who didn’t make this evening’s meeting has any other ideas for such projects, please get in touch with us so that we can add them to the list.

ACTION: All to make any further suggestions for larger energy projects, whether or not they are transport related.

Picnic in the Park

The application for a stall has gone in. Steve will bring the gazebo, etc in his van. Sue would like one representative from each TL group to meet up a couple of times before the event to plan what is going to be done on the day. Steve or Martha will represent F&G group, Jon will represent Energy, Sue will be hearts and mind and Jon & Sue will share transport.

ACTION: Sue to organise a meeting of the group reps to plan out the stall/day.

There’s also the NGS gardens event on the following day which will just be for food & gardens schemes. Jon and Steve offered to contact Janet about the space available and what aspects of Transition she’d prefer us to have at the NGS day.

ACTION: Jon and Steve to contact Janet and discuss the NGS stall provision.

In Town Without My Car Day

Steve would like to promote a car free day – there’s an international day on Tuesday 22nd September called “In Town Without My Car Day“.  This is when communities try to encourage people to go into town using alternative transport means and leave their cars at home. Steve provided a couple of ideas such as a prize for the most novel means of transport, or encouraging local schools to get children to walk to school.  However he didn’t want us to spend lots of time on it if local people aren’t interested as we have other projects under way this summer.

Suggestion for the first year was that we should just be promoting the day to see what interest there is. Jon suggested doing a cycle workshop on the campus. Maybe have a leaflet to promote the idea? Decided to make a discussion on the leaflets and promotion of the event as the focus of the next Transport Group meeting.

Ashby Road junction cycle provision

We finished up with another discussion about the cycle provision at the Radmoor Road/Storer Road/Ashby Road junction, as we had some folk there who hadn’t been at previous Transport Group meetings. There are competing demands from different people/groups and limited space and money to fund remodelling, so the best we can hope for at the moment is some repainting of road markings and signage to make cycling more obvious to drivers.

ACTION: Anyone with better ideas for the junction layout please contact Sue.

Date of next meetings

6.30pm to 8pm on 19th May for the Transport Group, immediately followed from 8pm to 9.30pm by the Energy Group, both in the coffee lounge in Rosebery St Peters.

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