Joint Transport & Energy group meeting

On Tuesday 21st April at 8pm the Transition Loughborough Energy and Transport groups will be holding a joint meeting.  Within the Transport Group it was suggested that Leicester’s Park & Ride scheme might benefit from renewable energy generation such as solar panels being installed.  We’ve made some initial contacts about this (eg talking to Green Fox community energy group) and this is the sort of scheme that the TL Energy Group would like to have “up its sleeve” for occasions when we have the chance to access larger funding pots for larger projects.

The Energy Group are considering drawing up a “wishlist” of community energy scheme ideas, so we’re going to kick that process off by looking at schemes that could also benefit local sustainable transport plans.  At the this stage, all ideas are welcome – don’t worry if it sounds too big or outlandish as we’ll be doing background research on all the suggestions to see which ones are most likely to work.

So if you’ve got an idea for a community energy scheme in or around Loughborough, come along and put it forward.

On a side note, now that the lovely light summer’s evenings are back with us, the Food & Garden’s group are meeting weekly at the shared community allotment off King George Road on Wednesday evenings. People start to arrive around 5pm and we usually work until 7.30-8pm(ish)… or if we’re feeling really keen until it starts to get dark! Last week we put the “hair net” cover back over the fruit cage so that the berries will be protected from the birds, pulled the cover up over the polytunnel frame so that we’ve now got covered growing space (and some where bigger than the shed to shelter if it rains!), did some weeding, and even harvested some of the leeks from last season.

Anyone reading this email is free to come along and join in – you don’t have to have been to previous Food & Gardens group meetings or be a gardening expert!

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