Notes on Energy Group meeting on 17th March 2015

The main topic to start the meeting was what do we want to spend the £128 left in the CSE grant on?  We had quite a discussion on this that resulted in deciding on:

One plug in energy monitor (£20)
One filing box and foolscap files for CSE leaflets (£28)
Four energy group meetings @ £20 each (£80)

ACTION: Jon to liaise with Caroline about spending this ASAP.

Discussed whether to have an “energy doctor” at the picnic in the park to help advise on energy saving and utility bills, and possibly demonstrate thermal curtain/quilt making? A mid-summer event might be a good time to get people thinking about energy saving before the cold autumn & winter weather reappears.

ACTION: Judy to talk to Sue to see if that would fit in with the general Picnic in the Park plans and Suella to see if she’d be available to help with thermal curtain/quilt demos.

We talked about the potential & problems of hosting a thermal curtain making workshop after discussions at last General Meeting.  Also mentioned options of Canadian style thermal window quilts, thermal imaging cameras use and promoting community energy schemes (including mentions of Green Fox Community Energy in Leicestershire).

Considered producing a “I’m interested in energy” sign up sheet that lists potential projects to see which ones people coming to our events would support, and then to allow us to contact them once events are running. That would allow us to target our time and resources towards projects that the local community are most receptive towards.

Judy suggested a trip to Swaffham to go up the wind turbine with the viewing tower, as Transition haven’t organised any days out. David said he’d visited Little Markfield Farm (in relation to another wind turbine) and they may become an eco centre which we might want to link with.

Action for a Better Charnwood have a talk on next week on Tuesday 24th March from 7-9pm in John Storer House, Wards End, Loughborough entitled, “Wind Turbine at Six Hills”. The speaker is Trevor Hunter, a wind developer from Coriolis Energy, who are looking to erect a turbine near Old Dalby.

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3 Responses to Notes on Energy Group meeting on 17th March 2015

  1. suellap says:

    I’ll be happy to bring some demo curtains and stuff to picnic in the park if it is helpful. I’ll need to book well in advance however. When is it?

    Otherwise I can still provide curtains and labels as before

  2. Picnic in the Park is in Queens Park in Loughborough on Saturday 13th June 2015. More details of it are available here:

    • suellap says:

      Oh drat! What a shame. I’m chairing a meeting in West Bridgford in the afternoon and involved in meetings in the am.

      I’ll make my thermal curtains and labels available however. Perhaps I could leave them with Janet, Judy O or another of the committee members?

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