Energy Group meeting this coming Tuesday

The Transition Loughborough Energy Group will be meeting on Tuesday 17th February at 8pm in Rosebery St Peters Community Centre, Storer Road, Loughborough. We’ll be in the coffee lounge at the back of the main hall (so you might have to skirt around some folk doing judo – careful! 😉 ).

We will be discussing how we’re going to take part in a forthcoming Public Engagement Talk that a group of Loughborough University researchers are putting together.  This will take place in March and we’ve be invited to join in as a community group interested in energy efficiency and carbon reduction.  The research group want to explain to the general public what their research into energy demand is all about, and how it can help us all save both energy and money!

All are welcome to come along to the meeting, and we’ll also be covering other energy related news and ideas for other future schemes and events.

Talking of saving energy and money, at the last Energy Group meeting we signed up to the Big Energy Race.  We are looking for members to help us win – there’s the potential of a substantial amount of money for the winning community group to help with a community based energy saving initiative.

Don’t worry, you will not be expected to venture out in the cold or put yourself through a gruelling training regime. Instead, we are asking you to sign-up as one of our ‘team members’ and undertake simple energy challenges from the comfort of your own home to earn points for the team. The more team members we have who take action, the more points we will earn and the better our chance of being crowned the Big Energy Champions. At the moment we’re in 2nd place in our region, but a long way behind Belper so we need as many of you to sign up and start gaining points as possible!

The winning prize is funding for a community saving initiative – a great legacy for your efforts. Each week a prize is also awarded to the person who’s made the best effort – the Team Member of the Week. You might win an energy-saving appliance!

Win or not, everyone who takes part will learn how to take greater control of their energy usage and reduce their fuel bills. With the average household energy bill now standing at a staggering £1,200 this is reason alone to get involved.  Its free, its interesting and it could help Loughborough get greener!

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2 Responses to Energy Group meeting this coming Tuesday

  1. suellap says:

    Looking forward to joining the team on Thrusdday.

  2. suellap says:

    opps. Tuesday. Missed it. Drat!

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