Notes on Food & Gardens Group meeting 5th Feb 2015

Food & Gardens Group Meeting, 5th February 2015, at LAGS shed

Present: Paul, Moya, Martha, Jon, Ely, Guy, Huzaifa, Barry

Its Your Neighbourhood/Britain in Bloom. LAGS has entered already. Martha offered to enter the TL Community Allotment.

ACTION: Martha to register TLCA.

ACTION: Jon to check with Martha Jamie about paying for TLCA rent

Seed swap is this coming Saturday (7th February) in Loughborough Public Library 10am to noon. We’ll also have the remaining seed potatoes to sell at the event. Saturday 14th February Paul is going to Quorn and wants to make sure that not all the seed potatoes are sold so that he has some stock to sell there.

Potato Day went well last Saturday, and the event has broken even, so all additional seed potato sales are now profit to help fund the group. Paul said thanks to everyone involved, especially Caroline for doing lots of the organisation and Janet for helping to make the reusable aprons. Jon said that he’d also been in touch with Transition Harborough who are considering doing something similar next year. Caroline recommended doing the event again next year, but she would need more help in the organisation of the event. Paul said that there’s a chance that we could use the indoor area in the middle of Carillon Court next year, or possibly one of the empty shops in the town. Left decision on venue to the Potato Day team.

Planning a workshop on sowing seeds and seed bed preparation with Andy – Saturday 7th March 1-3pm at LAGS. Martha said Andy is willing to run this. Better to run at LAGS to get more staff and students involved in the garden.

ACTION: Martha & LAGS to arrange, Jon to promote.

Martha asked if we want a composting workshop? We know several Master Composters and they could get involved. Probably better later in the Spring.

Martha said that Susan Forester is running childrens gardening course with Ely on Tuesday mornings for families that are home educating. Children are aged 4 to 12 and it is held at LAGS. Moya said that she has a network of home educators that she could promote the workshops to. Martha is going to be buying some seed potatoes for the children so that each child can have a pot with their own potato plant in it.

Tree planting on campus on Wed 11th February being run by Anne-Marie. Its being held outside the arts buildings on Epinal Way. There will be a percussionist playing gongs at the event. There will also be more trees being planted outside the University Library, with mulled apple juice. People are free to drop into which ever bits of the events they would like.

Ethical and Environment week starts Saturday 1st March, and is lead by Jo Shields at the University and the E&E folk at Loughborough Students Union. Charnwood Action for Fairtrade have a speaker on the Saturday, Martha will be showing a Transition film in Herbert Manzoni, there’ll be a political discussion at the Students Union on the Tuesday afternoon, on Thursday Flix will be showing the film Project Wild Things (encouraging children to get involved with nature) and then on the Saturday LAGS will be having their workshop with Andy.

The National Big Day at the community allotment will be on 21st March. Martha will be sending some more information out about this, and there may be something being done at LAGS as well (say 10am at the allotment and then 2pm up at LAGS?). We’ll discuss this in more depth at the March F&G meeting.

University Action Group are looking for places to help out in Loughborough. Jon suggested that the Shelthorpe community garden might be interested in their help. Paul suggested if any elderly folk needed help Action might be useful (although they’d need someone to direct them as they aren’t gardeners).

Paul has booked Fearon Hall on Thursday March 12th for a talk by Gillian Squires on Aloe Vera. More details to follow once a poster has been produced.

Caroline has been the Beale Room in Rosebery St Peters in Storer Road on 10th March 7-9pm for the Transition Loughborough General Meeting.

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