Notes on Transport Group meeting 21st January 2015

Apologies from Paul and Huzaifa

Grant for cycle workshops

We weren’t successful in getting a grant from the Quakers for the cycle workshops. Part of the reason for this was that it was too late to gather support from the local Quakers and partly because the cost for the number of people that would benefit was felt to be too high. Sue might have a contact who knows a group in Bradford who might be able to offer cheaper tutorials.

The other option would be to find someone locally who knows about bicycle repairs and could teach people (and are willing to host a course for free/lower cost). Barry said that he could demonstrate simple bike maintenance techniques. Sue suggested contacting Andrew Lake at Charnwood Youth Council and also the TL Google Group to see what sorts of issues people would like a workshop to cover. Jon said that he’ll also talk to his friend Mark about doing another bike workshop later in the year on the University campus – in previous workshops Mark has dealt with bike problems that people have brought along with them on the day.

ACTION: Sue to find out about the Bradford Pedallers.

ACTION: Barry to talk to Andrew Lake at Charnwood Youth Council about what bike maintenance issues the young people he works with would want covering.

ACTION: Jon to send an email to the Google Group to ask what sort of things people would like to have a workshop cover.

ACTION: Jon to organise another campus cycle maintenance workshop later in the Spring.

Leicester County Council contact report

Sue said that Martin O’Connor from Leicestershire County Council (LCC) would still like to meet us to talk about signage, etc. He’d want a maximum of two people to meet with – Barry volunteered to go along with Sue. Local cycle campaigners have met with LCC to discuss issues about the new ring road and town centre layout.

ACTION: Sue to arrange the meeting with Martin.

ACTION: Jon to find Andrew Bailey about linking our website with their travel website (outstanding action from last meeting).

ACTION: Sue to contact Fiona from LCC who manages the overall Travel Choices team to see if there are more general ways they would want us to work with them aside from online link ups.

Core Strategy of Charnwood Borough Council

Paul reported (via email) that the Inspector considered CBC’s Core Strategy last week including Policy CS 17 (Sustainable Travel).

Sue said that Marianne Smith, a local councillor, has raised the issue of cycling on the pavements. Not sure in what context – Sue will talk to her to find out more.

David read out details from the local Pedal Power newsletter about transport spending from the Local Enterprise Partnership. There’s a total of £21.5M, with £0 dedicated to cycling and walking. However its not thought to be as bad as it first seems because spending (~£12.6) on mixed mode and many general road schemes include elements to support cycling and walking.

Police Community Support Officer contact and idea

Community Support offices now have guidance from the police that they should use their own judgement when dealing with people cycling on the pavement. People cycling “dangerously” on the pavements are more likely to be stopped and fined than cyclists that are more considerate of pedestrians. Sue had talked to her local PCSO and they talked informally about the need for cyclists and motorists to discuss issues together. She was going to discuss with her line manager and Sue was going to raise it with this group.

Talked about cycle light laws and the attitude of some car drivers to the space needed by cyclists on the road. Sue said that the Highway Code said that cyclists should be given as much room as a car would be given.


Jon reported that the Ashby Road shared cycle/foot path at the west end of the University campus has had its hedges cut back at last.  Thanks to everyone who contacted LCC about this and LCC for actioning the pruning!

Talked briefly about the idea (from David at last night’s Energy Group meeting) of having solar arrays over car parks.  This could providing energy for electric vehicles, provide income for council parking schemes, shade vehicles in the summer and reduce demands on farmland for solar farms. Jon volunteered to find out who to contact about this for Leicestershire’s park and ride car parks.

ACTION: Jon to do some background research on local car park ownership/management and solar panels in car parks.

We looked at definition of a pot hole: there doesn’t appear to be a national definition so it various from council to council and different highway maintenance organisations. The DoT define a pot hole that needs dealing with as 1.57 inches deep and more than 5.9 inches wide. Sue said she’ll write to Nicky Morgan MP to ask if pothole guidelines include a risk assessment for cyclists.

Date of next meeting: 25th February from 7.30pm in Rosebery St Peters Community Centre, Storer Road.

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