Group meetings next week

As well as the recently announced talk on food & energy security on Thursday 22nd January, next week also sees two of Transition Loughborough’s sub-groups holding their regular meetings.

On Tuesday 20th January the Energy Group will be meeting in the coffee lounge at the rear of the main hall in Rosebery St Peters Centre, Storer Road from 8pm to 9.30pm.  The provisional agenda is:

1) Evaluate the Energy Efficiency event we ran before Christmas.

2) The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) announced another round of funding for Eco Open Homes events. They’re taking applications from Mon 5th Jan until the money runs out. They’ll make a decision on applications once a fortnight. Events have to take place before the end of May. Do we want to apply and run another Open Home event?

3) The government announced a new round of GDHIF money (grants for solid wall insulation and other energy efficiency measures) in December and the money allocated to Solid wall insulation was gone within 24 hours. They’re now planning to release a tranche of money every few months and it’s likely that each time it will be given out within a day. With this in mind do we fancy having a go at a bulk purchase SWI scheme? We could find an installer and agree a bulk purchase discount just like we did with solar panels. Then all the householders involve could apply for funding on the day the money is released. This might be more work than we all have time for, but it’s worth a discussion.

Then on the following day, Wednesday 21st January, the Transport Group are holding a meeting.  Once again its in Rosebery St. Peters Centre, but this time in the Beale Room from 7.30pm-9pm.  The group will be discussing a variety of transport topics, including an update on bike workshops. If you’re interested in “greening up” how we get around, come along and join in.

Don’t forget that we’ve also got an apron making and bag stamping session on Saturday 17th January at 2pm in Roseberry St Peters Centre.  This is to help prepare materials for the Potato Day market stall on Saturday 31st January in Loughborough Market.  We’ll be showing people how to make aprons, which will then be used by people staffing the market stall, as well as stamping a logo on the paper bags that the potatoes will be distributed in. There’ll be plenty of time to chat as well, so its a good way to spend a cold, wet January afternoon!

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