Potato Day Meeting, 13th Nov 2014

(sorry this report is a bit delayed – I’ve been away without a network connection quite a bit during November so I’m just trying to catch up with TL meetings and notes! – Jon)

Attendees: Sue, Paul, Janet, Caroline

Apron Making & Bag Printing Workshop: 17th Jan 2015, 2pm-5pm

* Now booked with Roseberry St Peters Centre

* AP: Caroline to ask Ken re: making a stencil for the aprons

* AP: Caroline to put the event on the google group

* AP: Make a simple flier to hand round at the Winter Feast


Since we had this meeting they have risen to £70.22 (was £55.82 when we met!)

* AP: Look for a stash of buckets to give away. Paul has since found 80 waste bins the uni want rid of.

* AP: Paul contact Jo Shields re: buckets: see above

* AP: Sue contact the new Waste Intern at the University

* AP: Caroline contact the new E&E Office at the Student Union

Help on the Day

Confirmed helpers on the day: Caroline, Paul, Janet Currie, Janet Smith, Jon, Huzaifa, Eli, Cathy and John Sweet

We need approx. 12 vols: six for the morning, six for the afternoon.

* AP: Put out a request on google group to find a further three three volunteers


Income: We have raised £70.22 in pre-orders. We have also been allocated the £70 Quakers’ donation from Sue to spend on our set up costs.

Outgoings: We have spent £42 on photocopying and £70 on room hire for the Apron Making workshop. We still need to spend money on paper bag, apron material and a logo stamp for the bag. We also need to by stock with the £70.22.

On the Day

* AP: Caroline to ask on google group who has the TL banners.

* AP: Janet to bring all her market stall stuff – like cloths and clips to cover the stall


* Janet to bring DIY draught proofing products to the Low Energy Homes Event on Saturday 22nd Nov

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