Transport Group Meeting 12th November 2014

Present: Sue, Jon, Barry & John (from LDCUC)

Matters Arising

Sue contacted Steve from the Bike Shed about running cycle maintenance courses but he isn’t available. He did tell Sue about Martin from Soar Valley Cycles who also does freelance workshops for the County Council. For a 3 hour session he charges £20 per person with a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 people. Need to work out what sort of level of workshop we’d be asking for at the Charnwood Youth Council.

ACTION: Sue to contact Martin to find out if he’d be interested in working with the youth council on bike workshops and what sort of level they could be pitched at.

Feedback from Traffic Department

Sue has had an email & conversion with Martin O’Connor from Leicestershire County Council (LCC). Traffic Management. He would like to come over to have a meeting about the Ashby Road junction works. Need to make sure that we’re talking to the same people as the LDCUC who have also been providing input to the council about the ring road. LCC also keen on other sustainable transport options such as car sharing pools. There are three teams in LCC:

Highways – cycle paths, capital projects.
Traffic Management – white line painting, traffic light phasing, etc.
Travel Choice & Access – promoting sustainable transport options.

These are all part of a 500+ person department called Environment & Transport.

ACTION: Sue arrange meeting with Martin O’Connor about Ashby Road work, with John from LDCUC attending as well.

ACTION: Jon to talk to Travel Choice & Access folk at LCC to find out how we can work together.

Talked about the Spare Wheels car sharing/hiring scheme run in Sustainable Dunbar. If we wanted to have such a scheme in Loughborough we’d need people who would be prepared to setup & run the scheme, some capital to set up a Community Interest Company and somewhere to act as the base.  Need to see if there is any demand within the community for this.

Also talked about cycle maps and leaflets. Had a look at the new 2015 Choose How You Move cycling leaflet online – need to get some paper copies.

ACTION: Jon to try to get 10 paper copies for Sue.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 21st January 2015. Sue to see if we can book coffee lounge at back of Rosebery St Peters.

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