Food & Garden Group Meeting 6th November 2014

Present: Steve, Caroline, Jon, John, Paul

Winter Feast at Fearon Hall: the idea is to come at 6pm if you want to cook, come at 7pm if you just want to eat! Paul will look after the duo that Steve has asked to come to provide the entertainment – arrangement is to be informal. Steve brought some squashes from the community allotment that can be used in dishes for the Feast. Paul will mention it on Leicestershire villages website, and Jon will promote it on the TL website. Paul said that he’d invited a lady along who was the sustainability officer for north west Leicestershire.

John has a sweet chestnut tree that he’d like to plant in the community orchard. Steve said John would need to have a word with Mike Jones who will contact Quadrant to approve where the tree can go.

Potato Day posters: Paul has had good interest from places that he’s contacted so far, and he’s also going to stick laminated copies to the gate of his allotment site. Had approx £43 worth of pre-orders so far – Caroline said she’d like to get more flyers distributed so that we’re closer to £200 of pre-orders.

Apple pressings: Jon said that the students in Telford Hall have asked to have a community apple pressing in their Hall. Jon needs to fix the plates that sit between the cheeses because the last three day events at LAGS and Old Dalby took their toll on them! Jon will try and arrange this with the Telford students, and Caroline offered the use of her garage as a temporary store for the press.

Paul said Lubcloud Organic Dairy near Shepshed is going to close, which is a set back for local food production.

Steve raised the idea of a “Wheel of the Year” and passed round an example diagram. The idea is to give a view of the regular events that Transition do throughout the year. Regular events are seed swap in February, first planting in May, an Autumn fayre and the Winter Feast. Discussed whether we could plan events in detail a whole year in advance (and whether that sort of detail is needed). Caroline suggested putting a list of the sort of regular events we do on the first page of the website. Steve said this is something that would need to be planned at a general meeting next year so that we can plan out events for 2016 – he’ll be around from late March 2015. Paul said that a rough idea of what sort of events we hold throughout the year might be attractive to people who are currently not involved in Transition.

ACTION: Caroline to suggest some dates for a general meeting on the Google group.

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