Energy Group Meeting Notes, Tues 21st October 2014

Energy Group Meeting 21st October 2014, held at Rosebery St Peter’s Community Centre

Present: Caroline, Barry, Steve, Jon, David & Huzaifa

Barry suggested that we should include insulating expanding foam in the kit of insulating materials and brought an example to show us. This can make a real difference in sealing up leaky homes and is cheap & easily available from DIY stores. Steve pointed out that you need to be careful applying it as it can be messy!

Marches Energy Agency who employ Caroline have made the offer that Caroline can do some work on our draught busting workshop from their BESN grant. Caroline asked if this was OK: general agreement that was an excellent idea!  Many thanks to MEA and Caroline for this.

Looked at the available CSE demonstration options besides the draught busting box. The extra ones cost £25 each + courier costs, even though the draught busting is free. Opted to potentially take the model house, but only if we have sufficient budget after hiring Tina Holt. Caroline wondered if courier costs for the model house could be shared with the draught busting materials box? We’d need to check that with the CSE if we can afford it.

We talked about potential of having a prize draw. Steve suggested asking Dunelm if they could supply a set of thermal curtains for a prize.  There’s also the option of applying to Wilkinsons for a grant of insulating products (we don’t think LAGS/TL Food & Gardens group actually applied for the grant for hand tools back at the start of the summer, so Caroline suggested if they want to do so in future they do it in LAGS name so that we can apply as TL from the Energy Group for this).

ACTION: Jon to send everyone PDF of finished flyer/poster.

ACTION: Steve to go into Dunelm with one of our flyers.

ACTION: Steve to get form from Wilkinsons for a grant of insulating products.

Tina Holt is happy to do a talk and would like a table & projector.  The Rosebery St Peter’s Community Centre has a projector available for us.

ACTION: Caroline to email Judy about Tina Holt’s fee and what budget we have for it.

We took a quick look at the finances that Caroline had produced. All agreed it looked fine. We could potentially slightly reduce refreshments costs if we did need money elsewhere.

Worked on rewording the flyer/poster live on Jon’s laptop. Talked about how to distribute this. Steve said that we can put a poster up for free in the Library. Huzaifa to give Benji (E&E officer) at Loughborough Students Union (LSU) to give out to students. Jon can to email/tweet it out, and also contact University Sustainability Team & Maria French at CBC.

ACTION: Steve to pop copy up in the library

ACTION: Jon to distribute it online and to Univerity, CBC, etc.

ACTION: Huzaifa to pass a copy to Benji at LSU.

Who will be there on the day? Jon & Caroline will definitely be around – we assume Judy is as well as she initiated the event. Steve won’t be free and Huzaifa isn’t sure. Need about 3 or 4 addition TL members to staff the event, including serving tea & drinks. Need:

* someone to introduce Tina (Judy?)
* meet & greet table (vacant)
* refreshments (vacant)
* “runner” (vacant)
* footpaths stall (Sue MV?)
* bill reading & energy supplier switching (Caroline)
* energy assessment table (Judy)
* insulation examples table (and model home if we have it) (Jon)
* retrofitting & grants table (Tina)
* sewing table (Judy arranging someone – Janet?)

ACTION: Jon to email Google Group asking for people to step forward to staff the vacant slots above.

Caroline said the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund should be reappearing in early November. No details on the deals yet, but we should make sure that we mention it. Caroline suggested that the week before the event we could find a list of all the local companies that can install measures under ECO funding.


Jon had been contacted by one of the customers of the New World Solar scheme who asked about islanding on their solar PV installation to allow battery backup. As New World Solar are no longer trading, he pointed them to Eco2solar, who have done community energy solar installations.

Date of Next Meetings: 18th November, 20th January, 17th February & 17th March.  All 8-9.30pm at Rosebery St Peter’s Coffee Lounge.

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