Notes on Transport Group Meeting 14th October 2014

Present: Sue, Barry & Jon. Apologies from Paul & Steve


Jon and Steve had met some people from Transition Stamford at the Stamford Apple Day a couple of weeks previously and they had mentioned that they were holding an “eco-driving” event the following week.  They were getting a local driving instructor in to talk about eco-driving techniques such as maintaining stead speeds with low RPM engine revs, anticipating traffic flow ahead,  shifting up gears early and regularly checking tyre pressures.  If we wanted to run a similar work shop we’d need to find a suitably qualified instructor who could give the talk.

ACTION: Sue to ask BSM if their driving instructors could do this, and Barry to contact some driving instructors he knows.

Feedback from Council Discussions about Cycle Infrastructure

Sue has met up with Tony Glover from Leicestershire County Council Highways division, and Simon from Nicky Morgan’s office (local MP).  They walked along Ashby Road pointing out and discussing cycle infrastructure issues.  We are encouraged to report issues, but Sue discovered that ruts in the road less than 40mm deep are unlikely to be fixed.  Sue suggested that she should write a formal thank-you from the group for attention we’ve received from LCC.  Sue said that Tony had also mentioned that the section of Ashby Road between Storer Road and Sainsbury is likely to be resurfaced next year by LCC Traffic dept and offered to put us in touch with them.

The division of responsibilities between different councils was explained (which we’ve already experienced in trying to get cycle paths cleared). Sue suggested to Tony that Transition Loughborough members could volunteer to help with cycle path clearance, to which he said LCC might be interested in training a group of volunteers to do simple clearance/cutting back tasks.

ACTION: Barry to contact John Catt from LDCUC to ask if he’d like to be involved in discussions about cycle infrastructure improvements on Ashby Road.

ACTION: Sue to contact LCC Traffic department to say that we’d be interested in talking with them about cycle lane/marking/infrastructure improvements along Ashby Road.

ACTION: Jon to contact the Lufbug cycling group to ask if they’d like to be involved in Ashby Road improvement meetings and also helping to clear cycle paths.

ACTION: Jon to research thinking behind, and source of, 40mm minimum rut size for repairs.

Community Car Pool

Sue has a friend in Dunbar who is a member of Sustaining Dunbar (another Transition Town initiative) and said that they have four vehicles for community shared use.  These are a small car, a family sized car, an MPV and an electric Nissan Leaf.  The scheme is run as a Community Interest Company (CIC) called Sparewheels.  SpareWheels is part of the Co-wheels network of community-led car clubs.  A central site in Newcastle that deals with all the bookings, etc and members of the local car club can also use cars from other community car pools that are part of the Co-Wheels network.

Jon said that other towns had similar schemes, or equivalent commercial ventures (such as ZipCar).  This could be an interesting idea for Loughborough for people who can drive but either don’t want to or can’t afford to own a car themselves.

ACTION: Jon to find more information on these schemes and their costs, and report back to the next meeting.

Cycle Maintenance Class for Charnwood Youth Council

We discussed the possibility of linking with Charnwood Youth Council (part of LCC) to run a course for their vulnerable young people on maintaining their bicycles.  The project is based near Mountfields School on Epinal Way and they have space where such a course could be held.   We would need to find someone suitably qualified to teach this, and Barry said that he would be willing to do it.

ACTION: Transport group members to meet with Andrew Lake from LCC to find out more about what would be wanted/possible.

Outstanding Actions from Last Meeting

ACTION: Jon to contact East Midlands Trains about the planned cycle provision at Loughborough railway station.

ACTION: Paul to provide feedback on cycle hub plans.


There’s a sports shop in Market Street that appears to be branching out into being more of a cycle shop. Sue found the proprietor knowledgeable and friendly when she visited recently. One to add to the cycle facilities list.

Date of Next Meeting

7.30pm 12th November at Sue’s house.  One agenda item already is to discuss where we’d like to meet in future

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One Response to Notes on Transport Group Meeting 14th October 2014

  1. Apologies I could not be there last night. I have sent around the reply that I got from Charles Sampson, Choose How You Move team and was wondering if we have any research that we would like to feedback to them?

    Also, the LDCUC link is quite comprehensive and useful from a cycling point of view.

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