Notes on Transport Group meeting 10th Sept 2014

Transport Group meeting 10th September 2014 held at the LAGS shed on campus.

Jon (and several others) have reported the blocked pedestrian side of the shared cycle way on Ashby Road. Charnwood BC said that the hedges between the cycleway and the road are the responsbility of LeicsCC, and have passed the issue onto them. Huzaifa had reported the trees on the other side, which are the responsibility of Charnwood BC and which they cleared earlier in the year. Huzaifa had also reported overhanging growth on the cycle path near the hospital – some of it is the responsibility of the council but much is managed by the hospital. Keep on reporting these issues.

Talked about the cycle maintenance workshops we’ve run in the past. Huzaifa had seen a “bike kitchen” in Sweden which is a sort of hack space for bikes. They have a deal with the local municipality to remove unwanted bikes from local bike stands, which were then “sold” to their members who repair them in the workshop under instruction from experienced cyclists. The bike kitchen members also had access to a workshop, tools and parts. The experts in the bike kitchen would show people how to fix broken bikes but wouldn’t do the repairs themselves. Barry pointed out there are issues with newer bikes that have sealed-for-life bottom brackets that can’t be repaired.  We might consider running some sort of bike maintenance workshop at the LAGS shed again once the students are back.

Sue is still in contact with Nicky Morgan and her assistant who have put her in touch with Andrew Lorimer at the LeicsCC. Sue had left messages for Andrew saying that some of the cycle infrastructure is dangerous and that we’d also be able to help with maintaining some of the cycle paths. They want to have a meeting with us – possibly in September but Sue isn’t going to be around.  Other folk at the meeting said they were interested in going (assuming timing was right for them).

ACTION: Sue to keep pressing on with this.

Sue reported that Paul (who unfortunately couldn’t make it to this evening’s meeting) has had a meeting with Jonathan Hale to talk about the cycle hub. Paul felt that he’d had a reasonable hearing from the BID. Sue suggested that he continue to apply gentle pressure to keep this idea going. A bike hub would include secure parking for bikes, a cafe, wifi, expert advice on hand, etc and have been successful in other towns/cities.  If the University is going to discourage students from bringing cars with them, the BID may want more cycle facilities in the town to attract students to the shops (who otherwise can get the bus from campus to the railway station and go shopping in Nottingham, Derby or Leicester). Secure bike parking could make use of electronic locking so that people don’t have lose keys, etc which apparently has been a problem at Beehive Lane.

ACTION: Paul to follow up on the cycle hub idea with BID.

Sue also said that railway station is looking to improve the cycle provision. Sue suggested that we contact EMT to ask what they are going to do and to raise our profile with them.

ACTION: Jon to check out how to make contact with EMT about this.

Talked a bit about making the leaflet for sustainable transport options. Need to collate our information and then decide what we’d want to put on (would we want bus & train information? EV charging points? Travel line contact details? etc, etc). Job for the next transport group meeting – that will probably be the main agenda item.

ACTION: Huzaifa to contact Choose How You Move team so that we can find out how our information could dovetail with theirs, their future plans, etc.

Jon explained a bit about how railways are run in response from a question from Barry. He mentioned the Great Central Railway and its branch to Mountsorrel as well as the proposed bridge over the Midland Mainline.  Potential reserve public transport link between south Nottingham and North Leicester, as well as back up freight link for Mountsorrel quarry.

Jon has been slack and hasn’t written a transport newsletter as he promised – he’ll try to do something this month!

Date Of Next Meeting: 15th October 7pm at Sue Meredith Velado’s House.

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9 Responses to Notes on Transport Group meeting 10th Sept 2014

  1. hessajee says:

    Just been on the phone to Leicestershire County Council (LCC) and they have received your tweet Jon on Tuesday (assuming via Charnwood Borough Council [CBC]). LCC and I had a long chat about my report two months ago which they seemed to have never received from CBC.

    Now the question is how long will it take to be resolved? They have to jump through various ‘hurdles’ before anything happens. Let’s just hope it’s before the end of this month.

    • hessajee says:

      I forgot to add the reference number from LCC which is 8524936.

    • Thanks for checking this. Getting it done before all the undergraduates return would be great – even more so before the wet winter weather reappears!

    • If you could tweet this to CBC please that will be great.
      This is on cycle route 4, next to lamp post 11, which goes from Garendon Road and comes out at Thorpe Hill next to the Garendon Pub and De Lisle College.

      Reported this two months ago but nothing has been done yet. There is also lots of rubbish and people dumping electrical waste there such as an old TV/monitor with its glass shards on the path. Thank you.

      • I’ve just tweeted to @CharnwoodBC – I’ll let you know when they reply. Hopefully they’ll get someone out to tidy it up soon.

        I wonder how long it would take if it was a bush growing out into the road?

      • Charnwood Bororough Council have replied on Twitter:
        @TransitionLboro Hi guys, thanks for letting us know, although I think this is a @LeicsCountyHall area - happy to be proven wrong

        I’ll prod LCC now. 🙂

      • hessajee says:

        No wonder why it has not been done yet. Most likely the message did not get passed on as the previous one…

        Thanks for forwarding on the message! It seems like public exposure makes things happen…

  2. I just saw a post on Facebook from a friend outside a bike cafe in Bristol. I looked them up and they have a website:

    This is Manchester’s bike cafe:

    From our discussions, we are more likely to have something like a bike cafe as above rather than the ‘bike kitchen I talked about in Sweden. However, I’ll include the notes below anyway.

    This is the Swedish ‘bike kitchen’ located in Gothenburg that I mentioned: If you click on ‘Bilder’ there are some photos there. There are more recent pictures on their Facebook page which shows the scale of the operation:

    Maybe we could propose both ideas and maybe even have a mix of the two. We know the sort of market Pedal Power is targetting, but I wonder if Steve at The Bike Shed would be interested in supporting the bike cafe? Or if we have other bike mechanics in Loughborough looking for a ‘job’ then it might be worth their while.

    There seems to be a number of units that have become vacant recently. I think the old Blockbuster unit would be a good one to take. Paul – could you suggest this to BID please?

    • I also wonder if this is something that Healthy Planet might be interested in? They help community groups gain free leases for shops (to the benefit of the landlord thanks to reduced rates for charity use of a property). Of course it would require knowledgable, committed people who had the time to run and staff such a venture as their main job – some of the opening hours of those city centre cycle hubs is pretty impressive.

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