Apple press bookings

We’re in mid-summer and apples are starting to swell on the trees around the area.  And with the swelling apples, we’re seeing swelling interest in booking enquiries for the Transition Loughborough apple press for community events.

If you’re running such an event and would like to have the Transition Loughborough apple press come along, we’ve got a booking form that you can complete and return to us.  Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and rely on us also having volunteers available to staff the pressing (which usually takes at least two people to transport, set up and run).  We’ll put prospective and confirmed press bookings on the Transition Loughborough calendar.

We bring you the press, set it up and press as many apples as we can!  We ask that the community groups bring the apples from their local area for us to press and some bottles to put the resulting apple juice in.  We do need a 240V mains electricity supply to run our “scratter”  to pulp the apples before pressing, but if needs be this can be done elsewhere from the pressing.  A water supply can also help in cleaning up the press after the event as the process can be a bit messy.

This year we’re charging public community events £10 to use the press – this will help cover our costs for maintenance on the press, event insurance, etc.

We’re also open to hiring the press out for private use at £20 per day with a £100 deposit.  This might be useful for people with large numbers of apples in their back garden.  We can’t offer volunteers to run private pressings though, so we’ll explain how the press works and then leave it to the individuals involved to do the pressings themselves.

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