Notes on Transport Group Meeting on 9th July 2014

Cycle Hub in Loughborough

Paul said that Jonathan Hale from Loughborough Business Improvement District (BID) had heard about the idea of the bike hub in Loughborough and had told him that the BID were actively looking at such a scheme in an empty shop. He said they are also looking at the Generator Gallery as an arts and incubator for small enterprises.

Information from Pedal Power (LDCUC newsletter)

The Loughborough & District Cycle Users’ Campaign (LDCUC) has an online newsletter called Pedal Power.  The latest issue explains that buses and cyclists are going to be excluded from Swan Street after the road works in the town centre are finished for a trial period of 18 months. Folk who have strong views either way are encouraged to contact their local councillor.  It was noted that this restriction is just during the daytime and is similar to the restriction that already applies in Market Street/Market Place.

Feedback from Sue about Car Park Scrutiny Panel

Charnwoord Borough Council Car Parking Scrutiny Panel are looking at all issues to do with car parking in the area. Sue provided the panel some information, along with Tony Stott (chair of Action for a Better Charnwood). Tony went first, dealing with policy issues and parking problems in the villages. Sue then spoke, asking first who had come to the meeting by anything other than car (only she had!).  The councillors seemed interested in the idea of the bike hub, and asked extra questions about emissions based parking charges. They were interest in TL wanting to be actively be involved in helping promote/maintain sustainable transport. They wanted the source of the statistics for cycling growth (which Sue has provided them with from LDCUC).  One bit of feedback was that the Loughborough BID were keen on more free car parking to encourage shopping, etc.

Paul thanked Sue for representing TL at the panel and noted that it had been reported in the Loughborough Echo.

Development of Sustainable Transport Information

The Leicestershire County Council Choose How You Move leaflet does already show bike shops and has local bike maps – which sort of replicates part of what we’d planned to do.  Bus information is radically changing in Loughborough with the town centre revamp, as are other items (such as EV charging points). It was asked if we could have a monthly PDF on the TL website with the latest local sustainable transport news?  It was still felt useful by several group members that we carry on collecting information which we could then use at a later date.

ACTION: Jon to produce a PDF of the latest information
ACTION: ALL to continue to gather local transport information

Active Projects to Help Sustainable Transport

We’re interested in things we can actually do that could help people move from their reliance on cars. Suggestion again to have local people “adopt” cycle routes. Debated whether “adopters” would just report problems to the council(s) or actively go and prune back shrubbery, etc. People who report problems to the council are encouraged to feed these reports back to this group and then tell us when (if!) the problems are rectified.

Jon asked if we could actively encourage local tourist businesses to get EV charging points through the Zero Carbon World scheme. There’s also a Government scheme to provide up to £1000 for home owners to get charging points fitted to their properties.

ACTION: ALL to report overgrown footpaths/cyclepaths to local council and let us know when/if problems are fixed.

ACTION: Jon to provide links to Barry about £1000 Government funded charging points on homes.

ACTION: Jon to see if there’s a way we could recommend local electricians that we know could provide installation services.

ACTION: ALL to suggest where we would like to have additional cycle paths and/or join up other routes.

Choose How You Move Team at Morrisons on Saturday

The Leicestershire County Council “Choose How You Move” group currently have a team doing door-to-door rounds of different areas. Sue said that the are also doing a bike workshop/bus information session at Thorpe Acre Morrisons on the coming Saturday (12th July).

Date of Next Meeting: Wed 10th Sept at the LAGS Shed on the University Campus (behind car park 5).


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5 Responses to Notes on Transport Group Meeting on 9th July 2014

  1. After months of contacting Charnwood Borough Council to prune the overgrown hedges and trees on the shared cycle footpath parallel to Ashby Road, it seems to have been done today. I saw Quadron (their contractor) doing the work. I’ll examine tomorrow and see how it is.

  2. hessajee says:

    Overgrown hedge between Schofield Road and Thorpe Hill on the footpath, opposite The Garendon.
    Overgrown tree on the cycle footpath behind The Garendon.
    Split tree on the cycle footpath next to Ashby Road and Loughborough University’s engineering entrance.

    All reported to Charnwood Borough Council (CBC).

  3. Reported the hedges on pedestrian side of Ashby Road shared cycle path to Charnwood BC as they are completely blocking pedestrian lane now. They say they aren’t their responsibility but have passed request on to Leicestershire CC.

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