Notes on Energy Group meeting on 1st July

Sorry for the week’s delay in sending these – I left the laptop with them on in the wrong office! -Jon

Talked about the Youth Community Energy Catalyst scheme. Those present still thought it was a good idea if the young person from Oakham is happy to come all the way over to Loughborough. We will get some income which could be partially spent on transport for them. Steve suggested having a meeting with the person to talk to them about how they, and we, would see the process working. We also wondered if there were groups local to Oakham that might be running energy related events/schemes/etc – there used to be a Transition Rutland group based in Oakham.

ACTION: Jon to check if Transition Rutland are still running and if so if they have an energy group that this person might want to be involved with.

Talked about a number of local wind turbine and solar schemes. Solar farms need to have a careful inspection of the land that they are built on – non-prime agricultural land and roofs should be used first. In Transition local food production is considered just as important as local energy generation and we should ensure we make room for both.

Draught busting workshop – this is being lead by Judy who unfortunately wasn’t at this evening’s meeting. We have funding from CSE for rooms, etc and the CSE draught proofing kit is free. Just needs a date and organising now. Steve said that Fearon Hall is celebrating its 125th anniversary in late August and wondered if a draught proofing workshop would be something they’d want to do there? Steve has contact details for the lady at Fearon Hall if Judy was interested in using that as a venue.

ACTION: Judy to talk to Steve about Fearon Hall.

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