Notes on Food & Gardens meeting on 5th June 2014

Food & Gardens Group meeting at LAGS garden 5th June 2014

How to spend the rest of the B&Q money for the accessible garden

Steve said we have around £180 left to spend. Priority is to finish accessible planters and paving, putting an extra wooden plant up higher for people who could stand, and then look at gardening gloves & trowels, composting loo facility, lighter border spades. Jon suggested that Food & Gardens apply for a Wilkinsons grant as the Energy Group weren’t going to need to apply for their draught busting workshops.

ACTION: Jon to put list on Google Group.

ACTION: Sam to look at Wilkinsons grant application

Pollination Pioneers Idea

Steve outlined an idea suggested by Mike Jones for having a special award for people who plant specific patches of their garden to encourage and support pollinators. Award could be judged by local expert  gardeners. Plenty of time to organise this between LAGS and TL as it would need to run next year rather than now.

Car boot sale on 15th June

Steve and Judy are going to the Quorn car boot sale on 15th June to help raise funds for Transition. Steve said he needs reasonable bric-a-brac donations to sell. Sam suggested communicating with the Halls on campus as students are moving out soon but the Uni have already put out British Heart Foundation charity bins. Might be some options with students in private digs – Steve will check with Campus Living. Offers of clothes, books, furnishings, etc in reasonable condition (no electrical items) to Steve by 13th June please.

ACTION: Everyone to look out bric-a-brac and get it to Steve

Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the Park is on Saturday 14th June. TL will there with a display stand to say what we’ve been doing. There’ll be plants to be given away and possible donations. Sam suggested giving children seeds & compost in cups. Kate said that it would be good to have examples of the various facets of Transition. Martha would like to go with the plants and would like a couple of students to help. LAGS have someone with a food hygiene certificate. Kate said that she’d be keen on doing some sewing with one of the TL sewing machines which Steve could bring. LAGS can loan us some tables.

Bloom/Its Your Neighbourhood

LAGS are unsure if they are signed up – they need to check with Mike Jones. The judging takes place between 9th and 21st July – don’t know actual dates yet.

Ideas for attracting new members through events

Picnic in the Park is obvious place in the near future. Steve said he met a guy with a “smoothie bike” at CBC event who said we could possibly borrow/have it attend our events. Apple pressings were seen as good advertising events.  Talked about ways to get attention of students to LAGS in October, including temporary beds outside LSU and painting with moss on the shed wall.

Venue for next meeting

Martha has spoken to Graeme at Long Whatton organic farm and they won’t be available in July but they will be in August. It was therefore suggested having the next meeting at the LAGS shed again on Thursday 3rd July.

It was also suggested 11th September for the next TL quarterly meeting, provisionally in the Beale Room (subject to it being available).

ACTION: Steve to see if he can book Beale room


Groups including LAGS are lobbying the University to divest from fossil fuel companies. There’s a petition to get alumni donation investments to be invested in greener, more ethical companies. They are keen to get TL involved in such events.

ACTION: Jon to get more info about this and pass it around Transition folk.

Barry said that Tony Marmont would like to get people to visit him at his farm base. Might be a great group outing? Several people would like to meet Tony and see what he has implemented.

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