Open homes event success

Just over a week ago we had our Loughborough Energy Efficient Homes event, which seemed to go really well. Our home owners opened their properties to more than 35 sets of visitors who could see the improvements they’d made and ask questions about why and how things were done. Hopefully this will inspire people to make similar changes to their homes in the coming year and some of our visitors will turn into “open homers” themselves next year!

One of the Transition Loughborough Energy Group members, Judy, has written a great post on her own blog about the experience she had assisting Barry to open his home over the weekend.  Barry is conducting a full on eco-renovation of his property in Shepshed and he’s also made lots of lifestyle changes over the years to reduce his ecological impact.  Barry is a keen and skilled DIYer so lots of the improvements he’s done himself, and just to make things a bit harder for him the house is in a conservation area!  Well worth a read for some great ideas and inspiration.

So thank you once again to all the home owners who welcomed people in over the weekend, and thank you also to all the visitors who came to see the houses, as well as the people around the town that helped us to promote the event.  Hopefully it may become a regular event in the Transition Loughborough calendar!

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