Community Allotment Fruit Cage Finished!

Despite it being rather wet at times today, the Transition Loughborough Community Allotment fruit cage funded by a grant from Loughborough East Community Forum is now netted, has the raised planters installed & filled and even has some of the fruit bushes planted out.  Hoorah!

Netting walls being attached.

Ken and Paul attaching the side netting walls to the fruit cage frame whilst Steve prepares gooseberry bushes for planting. The accessible raised bed planters inside the fruit cage are visible here.

Five people came down to the plot on Sunday morning to help finish the fruit cage off.  The first job was to put the last of the narrow raised planting beds for accessible fruit growing in place, line all of them and then fill the with a mixture of top soil, rotted farmyard manure and some peat free compost.  Once they were in place some folk started to dig over the central bed and plant out gooseberry bushes whilst the others set about putting up the netting walls of the cage and pulling the “hair net” netting over the roof.

First gooseberry bush being planted

Steve King planting the first gooseberry bush in the community allotment fruit cage

By late lunchtime on Sunday the fruit cage was completed and operational, with bushes in place.  Just as well really seeing as it started to absolutely pour down with rain at that point! We decided that discretion was the better part of valour and left the large raised planters and access paths that are going to sit outside of the fruit cage for another day.  We’ll get those installed in the next month or so.  There’s less of a rush for them – we needed the fruit cage finished so that all the bushes could go in and start growing!

We’re now well on the way to being able to involve people with restricted mobility in the growing fruit and veg at the community allotment.  Let us know if you’d like to join in!

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One Response to Community Allotment Fruit Cage Finished!

  1. suellap says:

    Well done all. What a boon this will be. Such a shame about the weather this Sunday. Sadly, Martha and the LAGS men got absolutely soaked getting muck in the afternoon.

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