Community Allotment Fruit cage workday

Today saw Steve, Jon and Paul at the community allotment working on the access paths within the new fruit cage.  We had a work day in March to get the fruit cage frame erected and the raised accessible planting bed frames built, but we’re still working on the big job of getting the fruit cage area usable!

Today’s job was to lay a ‘U’ shaped path inside the fruit cage which will hopefully allow wheelchair users and other mobility restricted gardeners to tend some of the plants we’ll have in the fruit cage.  Two of the four narrow planters were also installed in the cage and filled with a mixture of soil and peat-free compost ready for planting up.

On Sunday we’ll be having a second work day at the community allotment at which we hope to get the other two raised bed planters in place and filled with soil & compost, the fruit cage netting walls attached, the net roof pulled on and some of the fruit bushes we’ve got for the fruit cage planted out in their final locations.  We might also get time to lay some more paths – one outside the door of the fruit cage and one alongside the larger raised planters behind the cage.  We’d love to see folk come down on Sunday between 9.30am and 4pm to work on this project so that we can get it finished off and start letting people use it!  Stout work clothes and boots are recommended obviously.

Here’s some photos showing progress made today:

sub base laid

The sub base laid for the first path from the fruit cage door

Last slab of first path laid

Steve laying the last slab of the first path

First path finished!

Steve and Paul after the first path is finished. Steve is showing he’s very level headed yet highly spirited!

Sub base laid for second path

Steve emptying the last bag of sub-base ready to lay the second leg of the path

Finished path!

Steve standing on the finish ‘U’ shaped path. To his right you can also see one of the newly installed raised bed planters.


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